The Ohio State Univeristy

Fall 2020 to Spring 2021

The Ohio State Universty GMMA Chapter was founded in 2020….

Meet the Officers of 2020-2021!

Christian Hong


I began a GMMA chapter at OSU because I believe that God has called me to something greater at OSU. I want to be able to share God’s love because how can I not share about God when I’ve experienced His love that’s life changing and unlike anything else. Your worst day with God is still better than your best day without him and that’s why I want to share about who God is.

Major: Biology

Minor: Business


Vice President

I joined GMMA because I wanted to exercise my spiritual gift of leadership and glorify God through service and worship. I am excited to start this new chapter at OSU so that we can build a community on campus that brings people closer to God and learn to serve others through missions and ministries.

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor:Computer Information Science

Lydia Noh


I joined in starting a chapter for GMMA because I want to help build a community where medicine comes together for the glory of Christ

Major: Biology

Joy Kim


I joined GMMA because the thought of serving God through my service to the organization intrigued me. I previously didn’t think that I could combine the idea of the two as easily, but the opportunity found me and I was able to discover a new way of serving God.

Major: Chemical Engineering

Ethan Shin

Missions Coordinator

I joined GMMA because I wanted a place where I could serve God through people and be a part of something that could be used to glorify Him. I hope to be able to create opportunities to serve and share God’s compassion with all kinds of people.

Major: Biology

Timothy Huang

Fundraising Chair

I joined GMMA because I felt like it was an organization that would allow me to pursue GOD through my career. As a medical missions organization, It was the perfect way to place God into every aspect of my life.

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hannah Lee


I joined GMMA because as a pre-med track student and wanting to serve God, I felt that GMMA was an organization that helped to interconnect my life goals. When the opportunity came my way, I was very excited and hope to be able to serve and grow a lot in GMMA 🙂

Major: Biology

Minor: Business

Jinju Ha

Public Relations

I joined GMMA because I wanted to devote my life to Christ, and to give back to Him all that I’ve been blessed with. GMMA’s interconnection with its purpose to serve God’s community, and the opportunities to create connections with larger organizations seemed like a great way to get involved my first year. :))

Major: Biochemistry


Our Chapter Goals for this Year

  1. Build deeper relationships between students in our chapter, between students and professionals, and between GMMA members across the nation.
  2. Establish a long-lasting partnership with a local community/philanthropy in need.
  3. Grow and mature in our walk with Jesus as we prepare to share the gospel with others in the world and utilize our training in missions.


Thursday, October 8th




Contact Information:

Name:  Christian Hong

Instagram: @gmma.osu
Facebook:  GMMA OSU

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, or concerns about Ohio State GMMA and our vision. All collaborations and interests are welcome!

With love,
The Ohio State GMMA

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