Short term medical missions

Every year, GMMA provides an opportunity to embark on summer medical missions with various health professionals. The extended mission trip provides students with clinical experience, while also being witnesses of God’s good news.

Throughout the trip, students undergo personal growth, team growth, and spiritual growth under the mentorship of the Christian professionals. Furthermore, students bring back this Christ-centered mindset as they continue to glorify God at their respective schools, churches, and communities. Each individual acquires a passionate love to serve God as the next generation of medical health professionals.

GMMA hopes to utilize these medical trips to inspire current students to continuously pursue the missional mindset while also serving the local communities and helping to develop the healthcare infrastructure through health education, clinic funding, and professional care and training. Many short- and long-term medical missionaries contribute to this global network of mission work and GMMA connects whatever need is out in the world to the professionals that are interested.

GMMA strives to provide real-time information on what is going on globally so that many can act via direct service or support.

Long-term Medical Missions

GMMA is involved in several mission projects around the globe by supporting missionaries in their needs. Many of our members often go on short-term missions to these various locations to be a part of and grow the work that God is doing there. Many of our board members are on the frontlines leading these mission efforts.

Even though GMMA is not a sending body, we closely work with other medical missionaries and our ultimate goal is promoting God’s work in the medical mission field.

Local Missions

GMMA regional and student chapters also endeavor to connect to their local communities. Knowing that there is plenty of work to be done at home and abroad, many chapters are connecting with Christian organizations in their hometowns to serve the underserved communities through health-care clinics, education, and support.

We encourage chapters to continue to work in partnership with established organizations so as to synergistically continue ministry through health-care in their neighborhoods.

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