Joonoh Lee


GMMA for me means community. I was able to find a group of people who were not only passionate about medicine but also about God. By getting to know students, doctors, and other healthcare providers, this community has helped me to see how I would be able to best pursue my passion for medicine for the glory of God. This past year, I was able to witness amazing things that God provided through GMMA and how much this ministry was able to grow. I hope and pray that as a community, just as we are seeing GMMA grow, we would also witness personal growth in individuals, helping people come to Christ through GMMA.



Laurencia Invedy

Vice President

GMMA to me is a blessing. While GMMA started out as a chance encounter for me, it has blossomed into an experience that has and continues to spark spiritual growth. In this community of Christ-centered people, I have learned the power of prayer, significance of love, and importance of missional living through volunteering, fellowship, and meetings. It has been inspiring to see God’s impact of love and healing through GMMA, and I hope to continue to share His kindness and His word with others. Being a part of GMMA has been a beautiful journey that I am blessed to be a part of.

Beatrice Weng

Public Relations/Treasurer

Gmma to me is family and community. I joined this organization since freshman year and it’s always been a blessing to know more about God through variations of serving and volunteering. GMMA has been keeping me accountable in my spiritual life and also an constant reminder of God’s grace in my life toward my flaws.

Sophie Huynh

Missions Coordinator 

GMMA to me is a center of compassion and love, a united grace of glory from the Lord and wholeheartedly faithful service. It is inspiring to see how much I can grow both spiritually and mentally from having GMMA side by side when I transferred to UTD. In the days I struggled to find the right Christ-centered community, GMMA has appeared in the glory of God to me, a place where foundational prayer is highlighted. I am looking forward to see what and how God wants me to do in the service of my role and I hope to bring the love and hope of God to other people surrounding me. Not only would I look forward in my personal growth but also endeavor to see the expression and pursuit of God will lead other members to their special journey which God wants them to be in. It is a journey of love and faithful service by the guidance of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Caleb Keng

Volunteer Coordinator

GMMA to me is faithfully serving as a community. Getting to be a part of an organization with people who love God and serving has been an encouragement to me. I began to develop a greater desire for leading and loving on others as I became more involved in GMMA. Since then, I have also grown my passion for medicine and volunteering, and I am really excited to be a bigger part of the organization this year. I am grateful to have found a community people who share the same faith and career goals, and I look forward to seeing how God will use our chapter to live missional lives.

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ UT Dallas!

The UT Dallas GMMA chapter was started in 2018 through the guidance of Dr. Yongsik Kim and Dr. Peter Chung. Our vision is to see students interested in healthcare develop a heart to lead a missional life wherever they go. We hope to do this through:

  • equipping students with a holistic view on care as seen through short-term medical mission opportunities
  • offering meaningful, impactful and consistent volunteering opportunities
  • connecting students with their peers and Christian mentors who encourage missional living in each other’s daily life

Ultimately, we want to be a witnessing community, sharing the love of God together as a community.

General Meetings


1/17/19 8pm Welcome to GMMA!
1/31/19 8pm Volunteering & Mission Trip Testimonies 
2/28/19 8pm How Can Faith and Career Intersect? Speaker: Laura Dunson, RN
3/14/19 8pm Medical Student Panel
3/28/19 8pm PraySing
​4/11/19 8pm 2019 Summer Mission Trip Details

Social Event: 2/14/19 8pm Games & Fellowship
Social Event: 4/25/19 7pm Potluck

FALL 2019

08/29/19 8pm Introduction & Social 
09/12/19 8pm Member Reflection & Bible Study
09/26/19 7:30pm Evangelism Training 
10/10/19 7:30pm Medical Missions: Testimonies & Bible-Study 
10/24/19 7:30pm PraySing 
11/07/19 7:30pm Social 
11/21/19 7:30pm Speaker: Hannah Myung 
12/05/19 7:30pm Mission Trip Prayer & Celebration 

Social Event: 09/13/19 9am Oozeball 
Social Event: 11/07/19 7:30pm Dinner @ Modern Market


01/23/20 7pm Introduction & Social 
02/06/20 7pm Mission Trip Testimonies & Volunteer Workshop
02/20/20 7pm Health Panel
03/05/20 7pm Speaker 
04/02/20 7pm PraySing 
04/16/20 7pm Medical Missions Info Session 
04/30/20 7pm Potluck 

FALL 2020

08/27/20 7:30pm Introduction & Social 
7:30pm Member Reflection & Bible Study
7:30pm Praise & Prayer 
7:30pm Speaker 
7:30pm Medical Missions: Testimonies & Prayer 
7:30pm Speaker 
7:30pm Seizure Presentation
 Prayer & Virtual Celebration 


Mission Trips

School Year: 2019

Location: Piedras Negras, Mexico & Honduras 

Set Dates: Mexico: May 30-June 2

Honduras: July 28-August 2


School Year: 2020

Location: Mexico & Honduras

Set Dates: Mexico: Jan 2 – Jan 5 & May 28 – May 31

Honduras: July 31 – August 5



2019 Officer Board
Meeting w/ Dr. Peter Chung
First Social Event
ACT Volunteering 
COH Volunteering
2019 TX GMMA Retreat
Last GM of Spring 2019
Summer ’19 Mexico Mission Trip 
Summer ’19 Honduras Mission Trip
2019 TX GMMA Leadership Retreat
Fall ’19 First GM

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