Minshin Kim

Minshin Kim


To me, GMMA is all about community. Through GMMA, I have not only shared core memories with the loving brothers and sisters God has planted around me, but also experienced how God works and shares his love to those beyond our circles. The welcoming environment that strives to build healthy, Christ-centered relationships has been one of the biggest blessings to me as it is evident how God shapes each one of our hearts to be better Christians daily. I have seen how GMMA is driven by the Great Commission, and I am excited to see how He utilizes each individual in this one community to serve the audience of One.
Christine Yun

Christine Yun

Vice President

GMMA has helped me rediscover my passion for the Lord. Throughout college, I feel like I was a very complacent Christian, just going through the motions of going to church and serving in church. After joining GMMA and going on the Summer 2023 mission trip to Honduras, I was able to experience the greatness and goodness of His love. During this mission trip, God healed my broken heart, brought me a community of brothers and sisters to rely on, and gave me a calling to serve in GMMA and missions. Being able to serve on the mission field and have time to grow spiritually with my mission team was a life changing experience I will never forget. This was a huge turning point in my faith and gave me a passion to serve the Lord and His people through missions. Through this organization, I hope to serve His people with a humble heart and become a reflection of His love to pour out onto His people. I am so excited to see what God has in store for GMMA and how He will work through this organization!

Julia Lee

Julia Lee

Missions Coordinator

I am not sure if it’s because GMMA is the first school organization I joined at UT Austin but GMMA feels like my family on campus. When I heard about the mission statement and the thought that I could one day serve in mission trips, it instantly made me want to join GMMA. I met my closest friends and mentors who share common goals and interests at GMMA. Although I attend my local church on Sundays, general meetings and prayer meeting once a week remind me that He is always with me whenever I feel down during the school week. Most importantly, GMMA taught me how to receive His unconditional love through the community and provided me the ways to give back those love.

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee


GMMA means community, everlasting love, and faithfulness. I have met so many people who have reached out to me and made it feel safe to be vulnerable. I have grown so much with GMMA than I ever have before. I love the people in GMMA because I can see the passion and the fire they have for Christ. I have learned that God loves me and He adores you.

Yuna Jung

Yuna Jung


Although I joined with the simple intent to be more involved in healthcare-oriented community service, GMMA taught me to stop setting expectations for the Lord because He exceeds them every single time. Despite the challenges of prioritizing a relationship with God over the daily demands of life, GMMA serves as a constant reminder that His yoke is easy and that there is nowhere we can go to escape His unconditional love. As an aspiring healthcare provider, not only does GMMA provide a glimpse into living as a missionary but also emphasizes how God is the ultimate healer, and we are simply arrows that point back to Him. Truly, to know Him is to love Him, and I’m beyond grateful that God has led me to this selflessly devoted community that demonstrates how to passionately pursue Him as He relentlessly chases us.
Emily Han

Emily Han

Public Relations

I first joined GMMA due to my uncertainty of what I wanted to do with my future career in the healthcare field. However, I can say that God has truly worked through me during my time here by allowing me to experience opportunities that I would have never been able to find elsewhere. From going on my first mission trip to Matamoros, Mexico, to becoming an officer, none of this was my plan. Being in GMMA has shown me that God provides abundantly and he will continue. Having a community where everyone is growing and challenging each other has allowed my faith to grow and have the people to pick me up when I stumble. I am able to see how great God’s love is for his people when serving his community.

Dana Lee

Dana Lee

Volunteer Coordinator

Entering college, I had a strong desire to become involved in various organizations that were aligned with my pre-medical aspirations. This led me to join GMMA. In my freshman year, despite my worldly ambitions of gaining medical experience, I felt incredibly blessed by God. His enduring love enabled me to discover a sense of community within this organization, and I truly believe that God strategically placed these individuals in my life as part of His divine plan. Going to Honduras mission trip this past summer had allowed me to know more about GMMA’s mission statement- building disciples of all nations. Through GMMA, I not only had the opportunity to serve Him in another country but I also received numerous blessings as He blessed me with Christ-centered friendships. GMMA has played a significant role in my spiritual journey, and I am grateful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a common desire to serve His kingdom.

The UT Austin GMMA chapter was founded in 2015 under the guidance of Dr. Peter Chung and Dr. Yong Sik Kim. Our goal is to be witnesses to the light in our campus and in the mission field. Not only that, but through GMMA we plan to empower and provide networking for the students, and allow them to develop a God-centered lifestyle with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

General Meeting

Fall 2023

1st General Meeting: September 11, 2023 @RLP 0.128 | 7 pm
2nd General Meeting: September 25, 2023 @RLP 0.128 | 7 pm
3rd General Meeting: October 9, 2023 @RLP 0.128 | 7 pm
4th General Meeting: October 23, 2023 @RLP 0.128 | 7 pm
5th General Meeting: November 6, 2023 @RLP 0.128 | 7 pm
6th General Meeting: November 27, 2023 @RLP 0.128 | 7 pm

**Membership due by the 3rd GM

Social Events:
Ice Cream: September 6th
Clark Night: October 9th
Game Night: October 14th
Game Night: October 21st                                                                                          Cabo Bobs: October 24th

Potluck: November TBD

Volunteer Events:
Tabling: First and Second weeks of school
Big Fish Every Thursday @ Mission Possible                                                      Micah 6: Pantry Assistance (Oct 7th, 21st, and 28th) 

Prayer Meeting:
Every Other Monday 7PM @RLP 0.128


UT AUSTIN GMMA PAGE: utaustingmma.org


Mission Trip

2023-2024  School Year

Mission Trips For Winter:
Matamoros, Mexico 12/18-12/23
Honduras 1/7-1/14
Philippines 1/7-1/14

UT Liability Disclaimer: No University of Texas at Austin student, faculty, or staff can be required to travel to a Restricted Region (http://world.utexas.edu/risk/restrictedregions). Any participation in travel to a Restricted Region is strictly voluntary, and the participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with this travel.


Please congratulate your 2023-2024 GMMA UT AUSTIN OFFICER BOARD!
Central Region Coordinators: Junehee Heo & Andrei Mitrofan
President: Minshin Kim
Vice President: Christine Yun
Mission Coordinator: Julia Lee
Secretary: Ryan Lee
Treasurer: Yuna Jung
Public Relations: Emily Han
Volunteer Coordinator: Dana Lee

Please welcome and pray for the other chapters in the Central Region: Texas A&M University (TAMU), RICE, University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), University of Houston (UH), Baylor, Ohio State University (OSU), and Vanderbilt University. 


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