Eden Kim

Eden Kim


Through GMMA, God has shown me how consistent and overwhelming His love is. I initially joined GMMA because I knew that I have a passion for serving others. And through this community, He made it clear for me that He gave me a heart for sharing His love and grace. He has also blessed me with brothers and sisters who come together for the same purpose—working for Christ and caring for one another. Building Christ-centered relationships and praising the kingdom of God through GMMA has been one of my biggest joys and blessings in college. The welcoming and loving environment of GMMA has allowed me to reflect on my faith and become more intimate with God. I am excited to see where God will take us through the organization in the future!

Kevin Shi

Kevin Shi

Vice President

GMMA has helped me rediscover my passion for God. Coming into college, I decided that I had a chance to turn over a new leaf, to leave behind the lukewarm Christian that I was in high school. GMMA was one of the first Christian organizations I found after coming onto campus, and it has been an amazing experience since. When I think about what GMMA means to me, I immediately think of community. It is incredible to see the positivity, the support, and the love that is present between the members of this organization, and this environment has really allowed for me to grow spiritually and to draw closer to God. I had also never gone on a mission trip before college, and GMMA provided me the opportunity to truly go out and serve Him in ways I never would have imagined, to be a worker in the field. GMMA has helped me immensely in my spiritual journey, and I am excited to be able to help GMMA this year as well.

Phillip Kim

Phillip Kim

Missions Coordinator

Living for God every day comes with its difficulties and struggles, especially for me. With a weak spirit, I originally came to GMMA to satisfy my desire for an organization that would help with gaining medical experience. However, in GMMA, I found a community that continuously reminds me of our true goal: to always live for Christ. Through prayer, service, and a caring family, GMMA has helped me grow in my faith, accept my shortcomings, and witness the beautiful balance between faith and healthcare. Through the hardships of life, we will keep moving forward on the path God has set for us. I look forward to seeing what He has in store for GMMA!

Minshin Kim

Minshin Kim


To me, GMMA is all about community. Through GMMA, I have not only shared core memories with the loving brothers and sisters God has planted around me, but also experienced how God works and shares his love to those beyond our circles. The welcoming environment that strives to build healthy, Christ-centered relationships has been one of the biggest blessings to me as it is evident how God shapes each one of our hearts to be better Christians daily. I have seen how GMMA is driven by the Great Commission, and I am excited to see how He utilizes each individual in this one community to serve the audience of One.

Julia Lee

Julia Lee


I am not sure if it’s because GMMA is the first school organization I joined at UT Austin but GMMA feels like my family on campus. When I heard about the mission statement and the thought that I could one day serve in mission trips, it instantly made me want to join GMMA. I met my closest friends and mentors who share common goals and interests at GMMA. Although I attend my local church on Sundays, general meetings and prayer meeting once a week remind me that He is always with me whenever I feel down during the school week. Most importantly, GMMA taught me how to receive His unconditional love through the community and provided me the ways to give back those love.

Anna Chiu

Anna Chiu

PR & Volunteer Coordinator

The biggest struggle for me as a Christian has always been finding community – a place to belong in and a group to open up to. I was doubtful of God as I entered college and expected nothing, yet GMMA blessed me with everything and so much more. God poured out His overflowing care on me through GMMA and has purposefully placed people in my life who I know will remain by my side just as He has and always will – mentors who continually motivate me to pursue the beautiful work of Christ-centered medical care, friends who I’ve never felt more loved and accepted by, and brothers and sisters who I can clearly see Him in and faithfully serve Him with. GMMA for me is family, and I hope that one day it will be for you as well.  

Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Prayer & Social Coordinator

I came into college with the premise that I would separate church and school, faith and career, daily life and mission. GMMA showed me that these things were not to be mutually exclusive, but rather coexist in day-to-day action and life. GMMA surrounded me with not just Christians, but hard-working Christians at the top of their class. It surrounded me with not just other Pre-Med students, but Pre-Med students with a love and zeal for God and loving His children. It didn’t just surround me with like minded people career-wise, but like-minded people in view of eternity. I am excited to see how God will continue to work in us and through us this year!

The UT Austin GMMA chapter was founded in 2015 under the guidance of Dr. Peter Chung and Dr. Yong Sik Kim. Our goal is to be witnesses to the light in our campus and in the mission field. Not only that, but through GMMA we plan to empower and provide networking for the students, and allow them to develop a God-centered lifestyle with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

General Meeting

Fall 2021

1st General Meeting: September 7, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm
2nd General Meeting: September 21, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm
3rd General Meeting: October 5, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm
4th General Meeting: October 19, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm
5th General Meeting: November 2, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm
6th General Meeting: November 16, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm
7th General Meeting: November 30, 2021 @WAG 201 | 7 pm

**Membership due by the 3rd GM

Social Events:
Gong Cha: September 18th
Frisbee at Zilker: October 9th
Study Social: November 11th
Game Night: December TBD

Volunteer Events:
Tabling: First and Second weeks of school
Helping Hands Virtual Volunteering every month!

Prayer Meeting:
Every Wednesday 7PM @GDC 2.410


UT AUSTIN GMMA PAGE: utaustingmma.org


Mission Trip

2021-2022  School Year

Mission Trips:
Pierdras Negras, Mexico (Winter and Summer)
El Progresso, Honduras (Summer)

Set dates: TBD | TBD

UT Liability Disclaimer: No University of Texas at Austin student, faculty, or staff can be required to travel to a Restricted Region (http://world.utexas.edu/risk/restrictedregions). Any participation in travel to a Restricted Region is strictly voluntary, and the participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with this travel.


Please congratulate your 2021-2022 GMMA UT AUSTIN OFFICER BOARD!
Central Region Coordinators: Jonathan Choi & Alex Heo
President: Nia Choi
Vice President: Michelle Zhu
Mission Coordinator: Eunice Kim
Secretary: Phillip Kim
Treasurer: Kevin Shi
Historian: Eden Kim
Prayer and Social Coordinator: Ethan Davila
Volunteer Coordinator: Ian Chiu

Please welcome and pray for the other chapters in the Central Region: Texas A&M University (TAMU), RICE, University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), University of Houston (UH), Baylor, Ohio State University (OSU), and Vanderbilt University. 


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