Meet our 2022-2023 officers!

Grant Oh


“When entering into college, one of my main goals was to solidify my love for Christ with the heartfelt passion I had for medicine. I saw that through GMMA, I would be able to dedicate my life to serving Christ as I step foot into the healthcare field and work with medical professionals. I want to be next to God following his word throughout this mission I still am pursuing, and in GMMA and its powerful community, I feel more and more encouraged to be the child he wants me to be. I am very grateful to have this experience in serving for GMMA, and I am dedicated to making God’s message echo through students and others.”

MAJOR: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

John Kim

Vice President

“I joined GMMA to have a chance to grow and develop with a community that desires to carry out the great commission and seek out Christ!.”

MAJOR: Human Development and Aging


Rachel Lee


“The reason why I decided to join GMMA was because it was the perfect combination of both of my passions – medicine and Christianity. Through GMMA, I was able to learn the vastness of God’s love, which was shown to me by everyone I met at GMMA. GMMA introduced me to so many people who were serving Him through their professional work just as I desired to do in the future. GMMA gives us the chance to live the missional life that He has laid out for us as we follow His calling into the medical fields. These fields then become a place of worship, where our medical practices become a way of glorifying God. Overall for me, GMMA opened up a family of Christ and a place where I could praise God for his glory.”

MAJOR: Human Biology
MINOR: Healthcare Studies

Sarah James

Public Relations

“For the past few years, I’ve struggled with understanding my faith. My faith has always been influenced by my family’s traditions and customs, and never something that I identified for myself. Joining GMMA helps me explore my faith with other members who are also interested in understanding their faith while pursuing my academic goals. GMMA aims to serve others through medical mission trips. Part of my faith journey includes learning ways I can serve others now and in my future.”


MAJOR: Public Policy

Symone Moore


“I chose to join GMMA because the values and mission of this club are some things I care deeply about. As a student who is very passionate about global health and fighting to lower healthcare inequalities I really appreciate GMMA’s goal to serve communities that are in desperate need of quality healthcare. I also appreciate GMMA’s dedication to preparing Christian pre-health students to exercise their faith as healthcare professionals in the future. I am excited to participate in GMMA and spread the Gospel and Christ’s love by helping those who need it most access care.”

MAJOR: Global Health
MINOR: Natural Science

James Kim

Missions Coordinator

“I decided to join GMMA because it was a way to align my interest in healthcare to my Christian life. GMMA allows you to glorify God as a student by living out the missional life. At GMMA, I’ve met a community of Christians who are also interested in medicine and talked with health professionals about their missional life. Everyone at GMMA really seeks to mentor you spiritually and professionally and equips you in living out the Word.”

MAJOR: Neuroscience


Our USC GMMA student chapter was established back in 2013 as KAMHC @ USC. Through the caring mentorship and active shaping done by Dr. Sanghoon Ahn, our chapter has experienced significant growth throughout the years. As a student chapter comprised mostly of undergraduate students, we hope that GMMA acts as a shepherding aid for young, budding Christians on campus. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify Jesus as one body and we aspire to do so by providing tangible, practical ways for Pre-Health students to implement their faith. Because college is a pivotal episode for many, we wish that GMMA serves as a guiding prelude of one’s walk with God transitioning into adulthood. Thus, we desire for Pre-Health students to hone in on God’s purpose for them during their undergraduate years so that they can dive into their professions with an armored heart for God. We hope that through GMMA, young collegians can cultivate a yearning for His Kingdom to come down not only onto our campus, but also overseas.

Our current goals are:

  1. Coordinate bi-weekly general meetings to facilitate Christ-centered networking and mentorship.
  2. Provide fellowship opportunities amongst students outside of our general meetings.
  3. Implement semesterly Mexico mission trips throughout the school year.
  4. Provide short-term Summer medical missions opportunities for students.
  5. Promote a global, missional culture on campus.

We pray that our organization and our vision is grounded on the merciful grace of Christ. We hope that as we continually expand on our campus and into the rest of the world that we maintain steadfast humility and a serving heart for our community and one another.



USC GMMA is back for the fall semester! Our GMs are held biweekly starting 9/12. Check the schedule below, stay updated on social media, and email us to be placed on the email list for meeting reminders. Hope to see you there!

Mission Trips

General Meetings

Our General Meetings are held in person in room CPA 100 biweekly on Mondays starting 9/12 at 7PM PST. We welcome everyone and anyone to come out, regardless of age or school!

Fall 2021 Schedule:

Week 2 (9/1) Fall 2022 Involvement Fair @11AM-2PM PST 

Week 4 (9/12) First General Meeting – Introduction to GMMA

Week 6 (9/26) Second General Meeting – Taco Fellowship! 

Week 8 (10/10) Third General Meeting – Guest Speaker (MD student)

Week 10 (10/24) Fourth General Meeting 

Week 12 (11/7) Fifth General Meeting 

Week 14 (11/21) Sixth General Meeting

Contact Information:
Grant Oh
(714) 604-5889

Please feel free to contact Grant for any questions, comments, or concerns about USC GMMA and our vision.
All collaborations and interests are welcome!


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