Meet our 2020-2021 officers!

Esther Chu


“For the past 3 years that I have been a part of GMMA, I’ve been able to witness the growth of collegians, like myself, in our spiritual, academic, and emotional maturity. GMMA has constantly reminded me that as much as it is important to be ambitious workers for our careers, we must remember that our firstmost priority should always be God. I’ve been able to recognize that I must grow a bigger missional heart to learn how to love on others by looking through His eyes. I have become more confident by the day about proclaiming God’s unconditional and relentless love for all His people.”


MAJOR: Health & Human Sciences 

MINOR: Science, Health & Aging

Daniel Roh

Vice President & Finance

I chose to join GMMA because, from my experiences, it was one of the few organizations that put into perspective our professional goals with respect to our general calling. Through GMMA, I was able to find a community of like-minded individuals who are not only in the health field but also seek to glorify God through their work. GMMA is a great organization because it allows Christians in the professional healthcare field to exercise their faith through their everyday lives within work and daily relationships. By working and meeting with medical professionals, GMMA allows us to use our studies and work as a form of worship. Between now and when I first joined, I have a very different perspective on how I can use the skills I have been provided with to be a faithful servant. Overall, being a part of GMMA has allowed me to develop a missional mindset and to be better equipped to spread unconditional love onto all of His people.”

MAJOR: Applied and Computational Mathematics

Isabella Oh


“Even before coming into college, I had heard about GMMA and from older brothers and sisters at my church what an amazing family they have made in this organization. It was the one organization I was set on joining from the start, and sure enough when I joined, I immediately felt the sense of family in which I knew I would be able to grow in God’s love and also share his love with this community. In GMMA, I am able to apply my faith and God’s teachings to every aspect of my life. It is a community that holds all the values that I have instilled in my life, from my faith to interest in healthcare. This family has truly shown me how I can put God at the center of it all especially in the healthcare field. I know that God has placed GMMA into my life according to his beautiful plan, and I will humbly serve him for his glory with the utmost dedication. My past year in GMMA has been so healing and fruitful, and I have met so many likeminded brothers, sisters, and healthcare professionals who have inspired and encouraged me in so many ways, and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for GMMA and all of his children in the coming years. I am so thankful to God for making GMMA and this beautiful community a part of my life.”

MAJOR: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

MINOR: Natural Science

Naomi Oh

Public Relations

“I joined GMMA because the organization reminds me of why I wanted to pursue healthcare from the start. By knowing that with medicine we can serve our Lord and our fellow brothers and sisters, I realized that this profession is more than just being professional: we can use the platform to fulfill what God has planned and also grow in a community. By finding a community of like-minded people, I am able to call GMMA my family. This organization encompasses all the values I hold in my life—healthcare and missions—with Christ as the foundation. I am blessed that God has put GMMA in my life, and I am always inspired by my peers and mentors who give me advice and encouragement to be faithful and dedicated to my academics and beliefs. I am so fortunate to be serving in GMMA, and I will continue to center Christ in my life as I follow the steps of like-minded health professionals.”

MAJOR: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

MINOR: Natural Science / Health Communications

Natalia Jun

Missions Coordinator

“I joined GMMA because I want to grow into a global-minded and Christ-centered healthcare professional with a heart for missions.”

MAJOR: Health and Human Sciences


Our USC GMMA student chapter was established back in 2013 as KAMHC @ USC. Through the caring mentorship and active shaping done by Dr. Sanghoon Ahn, our chapter has experienced significant growth throughout the years. As a student chapter comprised mostly of undergraduate students, we hope that GMMA acts as a shepherding aid for young, budding Christians on campus. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify Jesus as one body and we aspire to do so by providing tangible, practical ways for Pre-Health students to implement their faith. Because college is a pivotal episode for many, we wish that GMMA serves as a guiding prelude of one’s walk with God transitioning into adulthood. Thus, we desire for Pre-Health students to hone in on God’s purpose for them during their undergraduate years so that they can dive into their professions with an armored heart for God. We hope that through GMMA, young collegians can cultivate a yearning for His Kingdom to come down not only onto our campus, but also overseas.

Our current goals are:

  1. Coordinate bi-weekly general meetings to facilitate Christ-centered networking and mentorship.
  2. Provide fellowship opportunities amongst students outside of our general meetings.
  3. Implement semesterly Mexico mission trips throughout the school year.
  4. Provide short-term Summer medical missions opportunities for students.
  5. Promote a global, missional culture on campus.

We pray that our organization and our vision is grounded on the merciful grace of Christ. We hope that as we continually expand on our campus and into the rest of the world that we maintain steadfast humility and a serving heart for our community and one another.



USC GMMA is back for the fall semester! Our GMs are held biweekly on Zoom. Check the schedule below, stay updated on social media, and email us to be placed on the email list for meeting reminders. Hope to see you there!

Mission Trips

Due to COVID-19, all GMMA missions trips will be cancelled until further notice. Although overseas missions are not taking place, USC GMMA will be participating in local missions including tutoring. 

General Meetings

via Zoom 

Our General Meetings are held on Zoom. Due to security reasons, we will not be posting our Zoom links on our social media or website. However, if you would like to join us, please do not hesitate to send us an email, so that we may send you the link! These meetings are held every other week @ 8PM, and we welcome everyone and anyone to come out, regardless of age or school!

Spring 2021 Schedule:

Week 1 (1/19) Involvement Fair @4-6 PM 

Week 3 (2/1) First General Meeting – Intro/Recap of Fall

Week 6 (2/22) Second General Meeting – Brannon Cha (UCSD Med Student)

Week 8 (3/8) Third General Meeting – Dr. Mary Roh (Pediatrics)

Week 12 (4/5) Fourth General Meeting – GAMES! 

Week 14 (4/19) Fifth General Meeting – Dr. Nathan Ye & Dr. Uejin Kim (Child and Adol Psychiatry)

Contact Information:
Esther Chu
(310) 938-7230

Please feel free to contact Esther for any questions, comments, or concerns about USC GMMA and our vision.
All collaborations and interests are welcome!


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