Marleah Downes

Marleah Downes

President, Senior

Why did you join GMMA? I joined GMMA because I wanted to have a community of Christian brothers and sisters. In GMMA I have gained the opportunity to have brothers and sisters in Christ that have prayed for me and encouraged me in some of my toughest times. I have been able to grow closer to Jesus and lean on our GMMA community for strength. GMMA is a family and allows you to walk out your missional life through mission trips, that is why I joined.


Rebecca Cha

Rebecca Cha

Vice President, Junior

Why did you join GMMA? I heard about GMMA from my friend and went on a GMMA mission trip. It was go great and amazing, I wanted to join GMMA so bad.

Jacob Kwon

Jacob Kwon

Missions Coordinator, Senior

Why did you join GMMA? I joined GMMA to share life with a Christian group on campus with similar values. Also, I wanted to build connections with other pre-health and pre-med students during my years at UH. I wanted to live out my faith.

Cady Gibbs

Cady Gibbs

Secretary & PR, Senior

Why did you join GMMA? I joined GMMA in hopes of finding a community of Christ-loving, pre-health students whom I could fellowship with and be encouraged by as I went through my undergraduate studies. I found exactly that and can’t wait to expand GMMA’s community this upcoming year.


Dr. Simi Massey

Dr. Simi Massey

Dr. Selina Lin MD | OB/GYN

Dr. Selina Lin MD | OB/GYN

About Us


We meet biweekly in person or via ZOOM (links and dates found on Instagram or FB page). Meetings consist of prayer, worship, a guest speaker, and fellowship afterward. This semester we plan to have doctor testimonials, dating & mental health advice from our mentors, and more. Please come and join us!


Local: Casa El Buen Samaritano and more coming !!

Abroad: Coming Soon !!

Socials & Outings

Dates & Times

General Meetings

Spring Semester 2023

1st General Meeting:   2/7/2023
2nd General Meeting:  
3rd General Meeting: 
4th General Meeting:  
5th General Meeting:  

6th General Meeting: 

7th General Meeting: 







Mission Trips

School Year: 2022-2023

Mission Location: Mexico Matamoros 

Set dates: summer break

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