About UCSD Student Chapter

The UCSD GMMA student chapter started in 2013, when the KAMHC Board decided to empower and supplement the future generation of health professionals to take ownership of God’s calling. GMMA is mainly comprised of undergraduates who seek fellowship and mentorship as they aspire to become health professionals who ultimately want to serve communities both at home and abroad. GMMA provides unique opportunities for students to gain practical hands on experiences for future career paths and refine their identity within their faith.

Chapter Vision

To better serve and mobilize our members and to outreach and fellowship with students at UCSD and the greater San Diego community.

Welcome to the UCSD Chapter of GMMA! We want to share the grace of God and the unending love with anyone who desires to know Him through our mission of promoting Christ-centered missional life.

Board Members

Chanyeong Kim

Chanyeong Kim


Hello everyone! My name is Chan, and I am a 4th year pre-dental biochemistry major. I love GMMA! GMMA is the place to be. I love being surrounded by pre-health students and professionals who are missionaly driven, not only for humanity but for the Kingdom of God. As a community, we support and encourage one another to grow to be the best version of ourselves. I am very excited to have the return of monthly missions, and I cannot wait to meet all of you! Hit me up if you want to go surfing, hiking, cycling, or adventure new places!

Nicholas Hong

Nicholas Hong

Vice President

Hello World! My name is Nicholas Hong, a 3-year computer science and literature/writing student at UC San Diego. Although I am not pursuing a pre-healthcare field, GMMA’s mission statement of living a Christ-centered missional life encouraged me to join GMMA, serve on board, and explore the missionary scene with other healthcare professionals. During my time at GMMA, I have gotten the opportunity to meet a variety of inspiring undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals who have all helped me grow as a student, a Christian, and a missionary. Needless to say, I am incredibly fortunate to have a community that supports each other in the unique way that GMMA does. My hobbies include cooking, skateboarding, and making video games.

Abby Chae

Abby Chae

Secretary & Treasurer

Hi everyone! I’m Abby…I am currently a second year apart of Seventh college, majoring in Global Health. I’m also on the pre-med route. I joined GMMA last year, because I wanted to be apart of a community that shared my passion of pre-health related careers, as well as my desire to grow more spiritually and become apart of a family of Christians that could support me in my walk of faith. This past year has definitely been testament to the loving and supportive community that GMMA provides for its family members, as I have made long lasting relationships with not only people in my chapter, but also other chapters in various states in the US. I hope that through GMMA you are able to feel welcomed and also supported! I look forward to meeting you all!
Keren Choi

Keren Choi

Missions Coordinator

My name is Keren, and I am a 3rd year general biology major on the pre-health track. I love GMMA because of its extensive network of a large variety of healthcare professionals as well as its focus to live out the Great Commission through their talents in medicine. It is so exciting to have a community that shares not only my occupational passions, but also my love for the Lord. I enjoy playing sports, messing around on my acoustic guitar, and playing board games, so if that sounds like you, let’s hang out!
Jenny Namkoong

Jenny Namkoong

Public Relations

Hello everyone! I’m Jenny Namkoong, a third-year human biology major undergraduate at UCSD. Discovering GMMA was one of the greatest blessings of this year for me. GMMA is a safe haven where my passion for God’s Kingdom and for medicine is integrated into one beautiful journey. I love the safe space this organization and its community provides for students who are pursuing a competitive field yet desiring to surrender to God. I am thrilled to walk in faith together and to pursue using our careers to serve His children in a broken world under a perfect Father!

And the Mentor

Jane Kim

Jane Kim


I became a mentor for GMMA because when I was a student, I have always wanted and prayed for a spiritual mentor who can guide me in terms of my career as well as be there for me in my spiritual walk. It is a huge blessing to be able to play an important role in someone’s journey to becoming a healthcare professional. I serve GMMA because I believe that GMMA is a very welcoming place for accountability and fellowship. GMMA is meaningful to me because it allowed me to see a glimpse of God’s kingdom when I went to Haiti and Mexico missions. I cannot forget the smiles and the fun all the while being used by God at the same time.

General Meetings

Meetings occur on Mondays at 8 pm @ Center Hall. 

Please visit our Instagram page @ucsdgmma for updated information on upcoming GBMs, including meeting locations.


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Mission Trips

We have exciting news on upcoming mission opportunities! If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to serving with you!

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