Janice Park

Janice Park

President | 4th Year

“GMMA to me is a family. I have had countless opportunities of meeting so many people that keep me accountable spiritually and academically, and that help guide and mentor me in different aspects of my life. My short time here has taught me how my passions can intersect with God’s plans as well, and how to stay humble in everything that I do for it is ultimately all for His glory. GMMA has been so much more than just a club or medical missions, but a community in which we can all grow to share and thrive in God’s love together!”

Andy Song

Andy Song

Internal Vice President | 4th Year

“GMMA has been the most impactful organization I’ve been a part of both in my future aspirations and my spiritual life. From the mission trips I’ve been on to the mentors and lifelong friends I’ve met, GMMA has provided me countless opportunities to witness the incredible love, power, and mercy of God on display across all the nations. Because of this, I now hope to become a medical missionary in the future, serving with the love that Christ has shown me. Additionally, being a part of a community so rooted in the love of God has helped me strive to live missionally, always looking to serve his kingdom and make disciples of all nations. I am so grateful for the family God has given me in GMMA, and I look forward to fostering the heart of Christ together.”

Ethan Yi

Ethan Yi

External Vice President | 4th Year

“Being involved in medical missions since a young age, I wanted to find an organization to continue my involvement while finding a community of students to be a part of, something I have not had very much experience with. I was introduced to GMMA, joined, and have been a part of it ever since. I look forward to going to missions with everyone I met and to meet people in the medical field whom I can turn to for advice. I hope to continue serving God and the community with newfound friends while having fun at the same time.”

Semi Yoon

Semi Yoon

Missions Coordinator | 4th Year

 “When I first joined GMMA, I was amazed at how loving and spiritually driven the members and mentors were. Through GMMA, I was able to find a Christian community of students who share the same passion as me to serve in the healthcare field. GMMA has blessed me with lifelong friendships and supporting mentors. Observing healthcare professionals work humbly and selflessly on medical missions fostered my desire to serve with a missional heart for God’s kingdom.”

Ellis Kim

Ellis Kim

Treasurer | 3rd Year

“Attending GMMA meetings myself for the first time as a non-science major, I kept telling myself this would be a temporary thing. Yet, I found myself keep going back. I became more and more interested in medicine and how I would like to serve His kingdom through it. After deciding to pursue medicine, I realize that the desire and excitement I first witnessed when I met GMMA members was God and His loving heart for these members! My heart for GMMA is growing and I am incredibly excited to be serving for UCLA’s GMMA chapter this year!”

Yoona Kim

Yoona Kim

Secretary | 3rd Year

“GMMA has shown me how God’s love can truly transform and unite generations that crave fellowship, prayer, worship, the Gospel, and the growth of a missional heart. After witnessing how God can move through spiritual and physical healing, my initial interest in healthcare only grew deeper with a greater and higher purpose. I hope to continue to grow my passion for medicine through the guidance of my mentors and all of the amazing people I’ve met in GMMA. I’m so thankful to be walking with brothers and sisters who are passionate about loving God and challenge me to do the same day by day.”




Se-Reen Yim

Se-Reen Yim

Public Relations | 3rd Year

 When I initially joined GMMA, I came in looking for clubs that related to my future career goals. Looking at GMMA now, I realized that GMMA is much more than an organization or a school club. GMMA is my brothers and sisters of Christ who all share the same goal as me, which is the heart to serve through medical missions. I cannot wait to connect with more people through GMMA while fostering my relationship with God!




Dr. Peter Chung Jr.

Lead Mentor / Campus Supervisor




“GMMA has taught me how to worship God in work, in service to others, and in everyday life. It is a tremendous JOY and HONOR to serve alongside students and professionals of all ages. It is Kingdom work and the most amazing expression of Christ-centered living that I have experienced.”

About UCLA Student Chapter

The UCLA GMMA student chapter started in 2013, when the KAMHC Doctor Board decided to empower the future generation of health professionals to take ownership of God’s calling. The majority of our student chapter comprises of undergraduates, who seek not only mentorship, but also guidance as they aspire to become health professionals. As a student chapter, we aspire to provide opportunities to network with Christian health professionals from various medical fields to help students acquire a direction for their lives.

We founded the UCLA GMMA student chapter to provide an organization in which students can grow as both God’s servants and as future health professionals. We strive to provide guidance for students to develop their identities centered on Christ.

General Meetings

 We are currently hosting a hybrid format for the general meetings, with in-person meetings as well as through zoom! Our general meetings are held on Mondays every week at Dodd 154 and through Zoom  at 7:30 PM. The meetings will usually last about an hour to an hour and a half. If you want more details about our general meetings, please check the event page posted on our Facebook group page and our Instagram account for Zoom links. We welcome you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Fall Quarter 2021

Monday, 09/27 (Week 1): UCLA GMMA Informational Meeting

Monday, 10/04 (Week 2): GM #1 | What is GMMA?

Monday, 10/11 (Week 3): Fellowship | Game Night

Monday, 10/18 (Week 4): GM #2 | Missions Mock Night

Monday, 10/25 (Week 5): GM #3 |Prayer Meeting

Monday, 11/01 (Week 6): GM #4 |Social Health Panel (in Irvine)

Monday, 11/08 (Week 7): GM #5 |UCLA x USC Joint Meeting (at USC)

Monday, 11/15 (Week 8): GM #6 |Prayer Walk

Monday, 11/22 (Week 9): Sabbath Day

Monday, 11/29 (Week 10): GM #7| Study GM

Winter Quarter 2022

Monday, 01/03 (Week 1): Fellowship

Monday, 01/10 (Week 2): GM #1 | Extracurricular Workshop

Monday, 01/17 (Week 3): MLK Day| No meeting

Monday, 01/24 (Week 4): GM #2 | Guest Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Kang

Monday, 01/31 (Week 5): GM #3 |Prayer Meeting

Monday, 02/07 (Week 6): GM #4| Application/Testing Workshop

Monday, 02/14 (Week 7): GM #5 |Missions Night / E-47

Monday, 02/21 (Week 8): President’s Day | No meeting

Monday, 02/28 (Week 9): GM #6 | Prayer Meeting

Monday, 03/07 (Week 10): GM #7| Study GM

Mission Trip

Throughout the school year, we will be organizing numerous medical mission trips including one-day mission trips, winter mission trips, and summer mission trips to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the community around us. A group of missionaries will be sent to medically underserved communities to provide medical treatments alongside health professionals and, most importantly, to spread the love that God has first shown us on the cross.

This past summer, a group of GMMA members, including UCLA GMMA members as well as health care professionals were sent to Honduras!

Mission Trips will resume starting Winter Quarter!


  • We are now hosting general meetings in an in-person/zoom hybrid format!
  • The biennial GMMA Conference has been postponed until Summer 2022. More information TBA.
  • GMMA has started a national prayer movement! To join us, please download the Echo Prayer app, and search for GMMA under feeds! You’ll find all the prayer topics that GMMA has been praying over, and if you make a reminder to pray at 9pm on the app, you can join everyone in the movement praying together at the same time!
  • On the same Echo Prayer app, we’re gong to be combining with another West Coast GMMA chapter to share prayer requests, and hopefully host virtual GM’s together! Please join us in this private group by messaging someone on staff your email address to be added to the group!

GMMA Student Chapter at UCLA is committed to:

  • Providing a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations.
  • Fostering a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry.
  • Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel.

Our accomplishments:

  • Bi-weekly meetings to promote networking and mentorship
  • Resume and interview workshops
  • Opportunities for One-Day Mexico Medical Missions, Winter Medical Missions, and Summer Medical Missions
  • Joint-campus events with USC, UCSD, and UCI
  • GMMA 2016-2018 California Regional Conference
  • GMMA 2016-2018 National Conference

Our focus for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Fellowship
  • Local Missions
  • Professionalism

UCLA GMMA has grown to a great extent throughout these past years, but this is just the beginning. God has a plan to use GMMA for his great kingdom. We aspire to know him more and align ourselves with his vision as his beloved sons and daughters.

Janice Park

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about UCLA GMMA and our vision. We are also willing to collaborate with any other organization who may also share our same vision to expand God’s love through our careers as health professionals.

In His Love,
Janice and UCLA GMMA Chapter


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