Ellis Kim

Ellis Kim

President | 4th Year

“GMMA began as a safe place for me where I was able to feel belonged in a Pre-Health Missions Organization with my fellow sisters and brothers! Now, I think GMMA has become a place where I learn and continue to develop my understanding of what missions is, and how we can do it. I’ve learned through GMMA that missions isn’t a spectacular thing that must be done on a far off country, but it begins with a heart, passion, love, recognition, and interest in a community. I believe that God has so wonderfully placed GMMA in our UCLA campus and in Westwood/Los Angeles. We hope that this year, we will be able to serve God and the communities on our campus and in LA!” 

Yoona Kim

Yoona Kim

Vice President | 4th Year

“GMMA has shown me how God’s love can truly transform and unite generations that crave fellowship, prayer, worship, the Gospel, and the growth of a missional heart. After witnessing how God can move through spiritual and physical healing, my initial interest in healthcare only grew deeper with a greater and higher purpose. I hope to continue to grow my passion for medicine through the guidance of my mentors and all of the amazing people I’ve met in GMMA. I’m so thankful to be walking with brothers and sisters who are passionate about loving God and challenge me to do the same day by day.”

Autumn Jackson

Autumn Jackson

Treasurer | 2nd Year

“GMMA has given me a comprehensive understanding of what the medical field involves, allowing me to talk face to face with many doctors and healthcare professionals. I’ve also learned the heart I need in order to go into the medical field: not to serve myself but God and others.”

Sereen Yim

Sereen Yim

Missions Coordinator | 4th Year

 It is definitely safe to say that as a Christian, Pre-Med college student, GMMA has been the most impactful and influential organization for me. Through God’s grace, I was able to not only find fellow brothers and sisters of Christ who share similar career aspirations but above all, a community that kept me spiritually accountable! GMMA continues to remind me how to live a Christ-centered missional life, and I am excited to nurture my relationship with God alongside my brothers and sisters!”

Karen Son

Karen Son

Public Relations | 2nd Year

“GMMA is near and dear to my heart because it was a place I found true community and belonging when I felt lost as an incoming freshman. Through GMMA, I have learned what it means to live a Christ-centered missional life each day and it has taught me how to integrate my faith into the career I hope to pursue in the future. The mentorship and love of GMMA has provided so many opportunities and resources for me to be a successful pre-med student here at UCLA. I am so excited to build intentional friendships and create a community of brothers and sisters who can encourage one other both spiritually and academically!”

Michael Suh

Michael Suh

Secretary | 2nd Year

It’s been said that a gift liberates the soul of its giver. If this holds true, sharing the gift of the everlasting love of God must be an equally eternally liberating experience. GMMA has introduced me to the beauty of missions through the power of evangelism and heart to serve, and I aim to reflect these teachings serving as secretary this year. GMMA has also provided me with a community, source of accountability, and access to the most academically excellent and spiritually mature mentors who inspire me to follow in their example’s. I look forward to a year of truly beautiful works with GMMA!”




Suseong Cho

Suseong Cho

Outreach | 4th Year

“GMMA is a special program for me, especially in showing me how to become a doctor and exercise my faith on the side. While it is difficult to show God’s love in today’s society, these GMMA mentors have surpassed this hardship. They practice medicine but also pray for the individuals on the side. However, it is not just the doctors but also the GMMA community, such as peers and postgraduates who have helped me see God’s greatness, love, and mercy in my life.”




About UCLA Student Chapter

The UCLA GMMA student chapter started in 2013, when the KAMHC Doctor Board decided to empower the future generation of health professionals to take ownership of God’s calling. The majority of our student chapter comprises of undergraduates, who seek not only mentorship, but also guidance as they aspire to become health professionals. As a student chapter, we aspire to provide opportunities to network with Christian health professionals from various medical fields to help students acquire a direction for their lives.

We founded the UCLA GMMA student chapter to provide an organization in which students can grow as both God’s servants and as future health professionals. We strive to provide guidance for students to develop their identities centered on Christ.

General Meetings

 Our general meetings are held on Mondays every week at Math Sci 5233 at 7:30 PM. The meetings will usually last about an hour to an hour and a half. If you want more details about our general meetings, please check the event page posted on our Instagram @uclagmma, and/or email us at uclagmma@gmail.com. We welcome you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Fall Quarter 2022

Monday, 09/26 (Week 1): Info Session

Monday, 10/03 (Week 2): What is GMMA?

Monday, 10/10 (Week 3): ThroughLove

Monday, 10/17 (Week 4): Prayer and Fellowship

Monday, 10/24 (Week 5): Extracurriculars Workshop

Monday, 10/31 (Week 6): Halloween Fellowship

Monday, 11/7 (Week 7): USC x UCLA

Monday, 11/14 (Week 8): Mock Missions Training

Monday, 11/21 (Week 9): Prayer Walk

Monday, 11/28 (Week 10): Study GM

Winter Quarter 2023

Monday, 01/09 (Week 1): KBBQ Fellowship

Monday, 01/16 (Week 2): MLK Day| No meeting

Monday, 01/23 (Week 3): Guest Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Nam

Monday, 01/30 (Week 4): Application/Testing Workshop

Monday, 02/06 (Week 5): Praise and Westwood Outreach Event w/ Wholehearted Worship

Monday, 02/13 (Week 6): Guest Speaker: Dr. Connie Oh

Monday, 02/20 (Week 7): President’s Day | No meeting

Monday, 02/27 (Week 8): E47 Update

Monday, 03/06 (Week 9): Prayer Walk

Monday, 03/13 (Week 10): Study GM

Mission Trip

Throughout the school year, we will be organizing medical mission trips including one-day mission trips and summer mission trips to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the community around us. A group of missionaries will be sent to medically underserved communities to provide medical treatments alongside health professionals and, most importantly, to spread the love that God has first shown us on the cross.

This past summer, a group of GMMA members, including UCLA GMMA members as well as health care professionals were sent to Honduras!

We had a past one day Mexico Mission trip in December of 2022, and am eager for the upcoming one day Mexico Mission Trip in April of 2023! 


  • We are now hosting general meetings all in-person!
  • GMMA has started a national prayer movement! To join us, please download the Echo Prayer app, and search for GMMA under feeds! You’ll find all the prayer topics that GMMA has been praying over, and if you make a reminder to pray at 9pm on the app, you can join everyone in the movement praying together at the same time!
  • On the same Echo Prayer app, we’re gong to be combining with another West Coast GMMA chapter to share prayer requests, and hopefully host virtual GM’s together! Please join us in this private group by messaging someone on staff your email address to be added to the group!

Updates for 2022-23 School year:

  • New “Outreach” Position

As I was reflecting and praying to God for visions for next year, I felt God tugging at my heart. We are placed in the heart of Los Angeles during our college years for a purpose. As a missions organization, we want to witness and display God’s abounding love to the broken in Los Angeles. We are to serve these people as our own sisters and brothers. Through these outreach events, we want to serve our community members, and learn more about our community of Los Angeles. We are hoping to pair with non-profit organizations like Midnight Mission, LA Food Bank, Crete Academy, and Weingart Center. These organizations all do amazing things for the people experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, and in low-income backgrounds. We’re hoping for not only an encounter in our works, but also in the words we will be speaking to our community members.

  • Quarterly Prayer Walks

We are hoping to do at least one prayer walk each quarter where we intentionally walk through our campus, praying for our school, and asking for God to intervene in this place. 

  • Ezekiel 47 Project

We are continuing our established partnership with Through Love, an organization that is connected to the home in Tijuana, Mexico that ministers for the foster girls who are often troubled in the red lining district of Mexico. 

Vision and Mission

Our vision word for this year is Community, and our theme verse is 2 Corinthians 9:7, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

We are hoping to fulfill this vision statement: “To Live According to the Will of God is to Make Plans for the Well-Being of Others”

We are grounded in GMMA’s 4 Pillars: Prayer, Accountability, Witness, and BMT.

Ellis Kim

Please feel free to contact with any questions about UCLA GMMA, our vision, and more! We need much of your prayers, so please keep our UCLA GMMA chapter in your prayer!

In His Love,
Ellis and UCLA GMMA Chapter


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