Aniya Barclay


Major: Biomedical Sciences

Year: Junior


I love to cook and my specialty is Mac and cheese! After medical school I would love to specialize in anesthesiology! It’s lovely to meet you all!

Angeline Triyono

Vice President

Major: Biomedical Sciences & Health Sciences 

Year: Senior 

I enjoy playing piano, taking walks, watching netflix, drawing, and playing with my dogs! I also love boba.I plan to take a gap year then go to Medical school, but I don’t know yet what I want to specialize in. I have a missional heart and I hope that God is able to use me as a servant to serve others and show them God’s love.




Please contact us if you are interested!

Gabrielle Perry


Major: Biomedical Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

I love all things geek and food related, and I want to pursue an MD and specialize in research, but I am willing to go wherever the LORD leads me. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store! 



Angely Mathew

Missions Coordinator

Major: Health Sciences

Year: Senior 

I like to go shopping, cook, play tennis, and spend time with my friends and family. After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year to work and volunteer then apply to dental sch0ol. I would love to work in impoverished communities, do non-profit abroad, and to be able to show God’s love through prayer, action, and service.

Megan Vidal


Major: Health Science

Minor: Art History

Year: Senior

I enjoy spending time with my friends on weekends and I also love to paint! After medical school I would like to specialize in pediatrics!

Campus Supervisor: 
Founder: Iris Ko
President: Aniya Barclay
VP:  Angeline Triyono
Secretary: Gabrielle Perry

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ UCF! We are so excited for this new year and what God has in store for all of us. While the format of our year may be different, we still hope that GMMA can be a stepping stone for you and your career and faith, while also providing enjoyment and a family while you are away at college.

The UCF GMMA student chapter started in 2018. 

Campus Chapter Goals:

– Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for pre-health students
– Provide summer medical missions opportunities for pre-health students interested in learning more about medical missions
– Provide guidance from Christian mentors for students aspiring to become healthcare professionals dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdom

General Meetings

Location: Zoom
Time: 6:30 PM

Message us for the link to the Zoom!

Week 4: GBM 10/27/20 @ Zoom

6:30 EST




We are looking at Straight St food pantry and options for K-12 tutoring! Keep tuned for more information.

Looking for Historian! Please contact Aniya if you are interested in filling this position.




General Meeting Recaps

2020 Fall Semester

Week 1 GBM (9/1)

Week 2 GBM (9/15)


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Due to COVID-19, all of our GBMs have been pushed to the ZOOM format. We will still hold in-person events 2x a month for fellowship!

Upcoming this Week:

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