Dr. Phil Kang, MD

Dr. Phil Kang, MD

Mentor | Hospital Medicine

I have been part of GMMA family as a mentor since its inception at UC Davis campus in 2017. It has been a joy and privilege to interact with students who desire to grow in faith and have the right heart in serving others through health care. God gave us the Great commission to Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. in Matthew 28:18-19. I am glad to serve together and run the race for God who is good and perfect. 

Esther Kim

Esther Kim

Missions Coordinator | 2nd Year | Biological Sciences

As someone who joined GMMA without much expectation, I am very grateful for and humbled by the people that God placed in my life through the organization. Out of a heart of obedience to the Word and a desire to see God glorified, I hope to serve both local and global communities through GMMA. I am praying that this chapter would be one that treasures the gospel and the narrow path in picking up ones own cross and following Jesus.
Nicholas Fong

Nicholas Fong

President | 4th year | Neurobiology, Physiology, Behavior

GMMA is an amazing opportunity for a beautiful intersection of one’s faith and career, and I’m so glad to be a part of it! This is a community of brothers and sisters who desire to actively live out the heart of the gospel, proclaiming the good news to the poor, liberty to the captives, sight to blind, and the year of the Lord’s favor. It is so encouraging to not have to be in a place of judgment or competition, but rather to receive support and guidance along the difficult path of becoming a healthcare professional. GMMA has shown me the great potential of God’s loving power being used through a globally united body. I’m so excited for what God will do in our chapter this year, and to joyfully serve our greater local and global communities!

Nancy Shin

Nancy Shin

Secretary| 3rd Year | Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

GMMA holds a special place in my heart. I’m so so so blessed to have a community in Davis with the same mindset and vision for God’s kingdom. My high school church was very passionate about missions, so it was natural for us to go to a new country every year. Traveling to different nations made me realize that I want to help the local souls spiritually, but also physically. Kids would be running barefoot around the roads with scratches and open wounds, and they all had little to no treatment. I’m blessed to now have met a bigger community that focuses on both the spiritual and physical aspect of serving lost souls in other nations. I pray that God would use us to be an outlet for the gospel and His Kingdom!! Praise God!  

Kayla Yang

Kayla Yang

Public Relations | 3rd Year | Clinical Nutrition

GMMA has been a part of my college experience ever since I entered as a freshman. I love to go to the meetings where I can meet & have time of fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters who also love God and want to pursue a career in the health/medical field. It has been very challenging and encouraging to see how we must pursue our daily lives as future healthcare workers — especially with our faith. I hope that we can grow together this year, and shine God’s light to those around us as we go to the mission fields and evangelize around campus. Through this, it can become a testimony of God’s faithfulness and love for his people!!! 


Austin Yu

Austin Yu

Vice President | 3rd Year | Microbiology

GMMA has provided so many gifts and experiences that I will never forget in my undergraduate years! Being able to serve God with fellow brothers and sisters whilst pursuing my career goals in medical missions has been such a blessing. I learned so much in encouraging one another to help each others’ journey of faith and reaching out to know more about God. I’m super excited to lead new incoming students to grow within GMMA’s resources and mature as college Christians.

Sunny Moon

Sunny Moon

Treasurer | 4th year | Pharmaceutical Chemistry

GMMA has been a part of my life even before coming to UC Davis, so I’m glad that I am able to continue my involvement in the club while being surrounded by fellow brothers and sisters who all share the same vision as aspiring healthcare professionals. Being in GMMA has allowed me to combine my faith and my career goals into one and really focus on glorifying Him in all that I do. I’m grateful for GMMA because of the community that it provides and the opportunities that God has provided for us; It really is a blessing to have others that all share the same goal to bring glory to God’s kingdom through healthcare and sharing the gospel through missions. I thank God for the opportunity and I’m excited for the upcoming year to serve with my fellow members and spread the good Word to our communities!

About the UCD Student Chapter

The Davis GMMA student chapter was founded in the spring of 2017, with the approval and support from the GMMA Board Members and prayers from our brother chapters. We are in our inaugural year at Davis, and we hope to sustain this community for future years to come.

Our student chapter comprises of undergraduate students who are seeking academic and spiritual guidance in a Christ-centered community of aspiring health professionals. Our vision for this community is rooted in the gospel, and we hope to serve as a platform that provides mentorship, promotes good stewardship, and encourages fellowship with other brothers and sisters. We welcome everyone with open arms!


We are committed to:

  • Providing a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations
  • Fostering a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry
  • Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel

General Meetings (GM)

We are back on campus meaning we will be meeting in person now! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for details about each meeting and event! Our meetings start off with an icebreaker followed by praise and generally consist of health professional messages, workshops, mission testimonies, and case studies.

Fall Quarter 2022

(GM #1) Mon 10/10 @ 7:30pm in Olson 261 [Preview Night + Get to know our chapter!]
(Boba Night) Thurs 10/13 @ 7:30pm at iTea
(Social #1) Mon 10/17 @ 7:30pm in Olson 261 [Board Game Night]





GMMA National Missions Conference will be October 21-22 at Bethel Church, Irvine! Stay posted for more details on our Instagram and Facebook!

Mission Trips

2022 Mission Trips to Mexico: 10/28 & 12/16

Throughout the school year, we organize multiple medical mission trips to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the underserved communities around us. Students from various GMMA student chapters work alongside health professionals to provide medical treatments and share the gospel to the underserved communities.


Contact Information:


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about UCD GMMA and our vision. All collaborations and interests are welcome!

In His love,
Davis GMMA

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