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Anni Fan

Anni Fan


Majors: Public Health, Natural Sciences Area

“Growing up in the church, I was blessed to be able to come to know Christ at a young age and learn more about Him every week through Sunday school and youth group. But when I look back at my younger self, I think there was a portion of myself that doubted my salvation. As a person who likes to weigh the costs and benefits of each decision, giving my life to Christ sounded like a good deal if I could make it to heaven. It seemed to me that if hell was such a bad place, then it made sense for me to give my life to Jesus Christ and be saved with him in heaven. But because of this initial mindset, there were many times in high school where I doubted my salvation. I still struggled with sin and walking daily with Christ. I thought God did not view me as a good daughter. But coming into college I finally learned and began to marvel at God’s love. He is not solely a wrathful God bringing judgement on us. He is a God of love. He loves us, his children, and his heart breaks for those who are still lost and do not know him. And as I came to know more and more about his love, my assurance in my salvation also continued to grow. I am now assured that I am saved in Christ Jesus. And although I still struggle in my walk, my God loves and forgives me as I continue to grow in my walk. Through GMMA, I found a community that desires to serve and love those who are lost while also developing fellowship with each other. Going to Honduras in June 2022 changed my life. God grew my heart for GMMA and its mission of student evangelism and service. I hope that Hopkins GMMA can reach out to the student body and carry out the Great Commission that God has set for us. I pray that Hopkins would grow in its love for the Lord and that He  would use GMMA to reach out to those who are lost and in need of a loving Savior.


Mary Lee

Mary Lee


Major: International Studies and Public Health

In my life, God has always been with me. Even if I didn’t want to know Him or have Him fully enter my life, He has always been faithful and has never abandoned me. This is what God’s love is. It was only recently that I began to see this glorious Truth and after reflecting on how God has influenced my life, I have been given strong desire to glorify Him, even if it is in small ways. I decided to join GMMA, hoping to not only spread God’s love through medical missions but also to be part of a wonderful movement, prayer movement. The foundation of GMMA is that through prayer, we can ask God to provide us the ability to serve Him the best we can. This is the way God wants me to glorify Him: to have complete devotion and reliance on Him in doing His Work while also being transformed by Him.

Steven Liu

Steven Liu

Missions Coordinator

Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering

The beating heart of GMMA is a heart of love. A love not from ourselves, but from the One whose name is love, Jesus Christ. A love that is truly unconditional and endures forever. A love that always seeks and persists until it reaches its destination – our hearts. A love that knows us perfectly, and speaks to us personally. A love that overcomes all, for nothing can separate us from it. A love that touches our hearts, heals wounds, and makes them whole. A love that comforts, protects, sustains, and provides for us amidst hardship. A love that strengthens and renews us when faced with weakness and discouragement. A love that displaces fear with peace and courage. A love that cannot be contained, but rather overflows out of the hearts that receive it, for it is immeasurable. Such is the love that was poured out by Christ’s death on the cross, in forgiveness for our sins, that we may be reborn as children of God. God’s great love for us is the message of the gospel, embodied in and through Christ’s sacrifice. We are precious and honored in God’s eyes (Isaiah 43:4) despite our sinful and broken selves. As Christ was nailed to the cross, He was thinking of us, that His love might reach us. The scars that remain show, for we are engraved on the palms of His hands (Isaiah 49:16). Our great commission in light of this divine love that we receive and know is to share it. To love God, to love our neighbor, to love family and friends, to love our enemies, ultimately to have our lives marked by God in love. We love because He loved us first, and we believe because His love has touched our hearts. The goal is to “know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19), and so be “imitators of God, as beloved children, and walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself for us” (Ephesians 5:1). God loves GMMA and His love abounds within and around GMMA, wherever GMMA is called to work and serve. To share and grow in God’s heart of love with GMMA and to advance His kingdom is why I decided to be a part of it.


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Mary Lee:

Steven Liu:


Meeting Schedules & Re-caps

Fall 2021 Semester Meeting Schedule & Re-Cap (Ongoing):

  • September 20: Virtual Interest Meeting – Shared what GMMA is and our mission. Went over our general plans for the semester and member expectations
  • October 4: First General Body Meeting – Shared about general member expectations and volunteering opportunities for tutoring with Helping Up Mission + worship & games!
  • October 18 Fellowship night!!! Made some Ddakji and competed. We worshiped together as well!
  • November 1: Second General Body Meeting – Shared about upcoming global missions to Honduras and made Thanksgiving and welcome cards for local partner organizations.
  • (upcoming) November 14: Fellowship night 2!

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