Donna Tran

President / Missions Coordinator, 5th Year Biochemistry (Pre-Med)

Hi, my name is Donna Tran and I’m a 5th year biochemistry major. I was introduced to GMMA by former presidents Dean Kim and Rachel Jung. As part of their GMMA ministry, I was saved by our Lord Jesus Christ and felt a calling towards medical missions. When I joined my first GMMA mission in 2021, God placed the ministry upon my heart; and in 2022, I was able to restart the student chapter and officialize it on Cal Poly campus. What leading the chapter means to me is to pay it forward to the future generations at Cal Poly to also be saved, encouraged in their faith, and find their calling in missions. I pray this student chapter will fulfill what God intended it to.

Alyssa Chew

Vice President, 3rd Year Biochemistry (Pre-Genetic Counseling)

Hi, my name is Alyssa Chew and I’m a 3rd year biochemistry major. I’m grateful to God for placing me in a community that has given me so much blessings over the past year. Being able to restart the SLO GMMA chapter and building a stronger Christian community on campus has been an amazing journey so far and I’m excited for God to continue working in us!

Chanh Lam

Event Coordinator, 5th Year Mechanical Engineering

Hi, my name is Chanh Lam and I’m a 5th year mechanical engineering major. I was brought to GMMA by our chapter’s president, Donna Tran. We had reconnected after the pandemic through a mutual connection. After talking a bit about our faiths, I felt called to support Donna and use my God-given strengths to help found a chapter in Cal Poly. GMMA is a way for me to share who I am and my strengths with the Cal Poly community, and it’s a way for me to walk closer to God through the fellowship of the board.

Sydney Lee

Treasurer, 2nd Year Biochemistry

Hi, my name is Sydney Lee and I’m a 2nd year biochemistry major. I am passionate about spreading the Word of God to others and grateful for the many opportunities to do so provided by GMMA through the Lord’s grace. I grew up in the church, but truly began pursuing God in college, and He has continued to radically transform my life. 

Our current president introduced me to GMMA; I had formerly never been on a mission trip nor been intending to. As we fellowshipped and prayed in the months leading to the start of the chapter, I learned more about missions and what GMMA stood for. God lit a fire in my heart to reach others with His good news, and by His grace provided me with opportunities to go on missions in the future. In the Cal Poly SLO chapter of GMMA, I have seen God work in amazing, unexpected ways, been humbled, and been lifted up into His glory. 

Dora Deng

Public Relations / Worship Coordinator, 2nd Year Food Science

Hi! My name is Dora Deng and I’m a 2nd year food science major. I was introduced to GMMA by our president, and God’s been using this ministry to grow my love for Him, His people, and missions to seek and save the lost! Although not easy, serving in the Cal Poly Slo chapter has been such a blessing and privilege. May we continue to submit to our Savior Jesus and grow in His likeness in all love, grace, truth, humility, and compassion. I pray for all GMMA ministries, that we would seek God’s will all around the world, knowing that we can do all through Him who strengthens us. <3

Campus Supervisor: Grace Koo, PharmD
Founders: Dean Kim, Rachel Jung, Donna Tran
President: Donna Tran
VP: Alyssa Chew

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance at Cal Poly SLO!

The Cal Poly SLO GMMA student chapter started in Fall 2020 when Dr. Grace Koo, founder of UOP GMMA student chapter, invited Dean Kim and Rachel Jung to begin another student chapter, this time on Cal Poly SLO campus. In the midst of COVID, the chapter grew and connected the current president to GMMA, however it was not able to sustain the turnover to academic year 2021-2022.

In early February of 2022, Dr. Grace Koo encouraged Donna Tran to restart GMMA at Cal Poly SLO, and in God’s faithfulness, He wedged way for a completely new board to form and for Cal Poly’s bylaws to change just that year for GMMA to become an official club and fellowship on campus starting in the 2022-2023 academic year. As a GMMA student chapter that only recently marked its presence on the Cal Poly SLO campus and in Central Coast, we pray that God will continue to influence others through Cal Poly SLO GMMA.

Campus Chapter Goals:

    • Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for pre-health students
    • Provide summer medical missions opportunities for pre-health students interested in learning more about medical missions
    • Provide guidance from Christian mentors for students aspiring to become healthcare professionals dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdom

General Meetings

Location: 52-E26
Time: Wed 4:10-6:00 pm
Contact: Please DM us on Instagram @calpolygmma


2023 Winter Quarter Schedule

  • Week 1: New Years Catch-Up
  • Week 3: Guest Speaker – Dr. Grace Koo, PharmD
  • Week 5: Pal-entine
  • Week 7: Guest Speaker – Dr. David Choi, MD
  • Week 9: Potluck Dinner





Pal-entine Fundraiser, Forms Open 2/1-2/28

Global Missions:

Rosarito, Mexico Overnight Mission Trip, 3/31-4/1

Local Missions:

Help us make 100 meals for El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO)!

Upcoming Dates: 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/14


Please come to our study sessions held in the same room, same time, on the even weeks!





2022 Fall Quarter General Meeting Recap

  • Week 1: Intro to GMMA
  • Week 3: Guest Speakers – Dr. Peter Chung Sr, MD & Dr. David Choi, MD
  • Week 5: Student Panel
  • Week 7: Pumpkin Origami 
  • Week 9: Guest Speaker – Missionary Kenneth Davis
  • Week 11: Study Session

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Contact Information:

Donna Tran


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Cal Poly SLO GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have similar vision, and would like to collaborate or support.


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