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The BIOLA GMMA student chapter began in 2016 with hopes of planting missional hearts in the students of Orange County. With the help of Dr. Michelle Lee as our mentor, Jessica Sin, the National Student Chapter Coordinator, we were able to start with a strong support system. The majority of our student chapter consists of undergraduates and we strongly encourage students from all schools around Orange County to join us. As a student chapter, we aspire to partner with different students around the county who share the same heart for missions and to do life with one another. Our BIOLA GMMA hopes to equip and prepare students to live out their callings to the fullest extent now.

Goals for 2020-2021


1. Coordinate bi-weekly general meetings to allow networking and mentorship between students and health professionals
2. Provide fellowship opportunities for students outside of general meetings
3. Promote a culture of servitude for the local community by engaging in both medical and non-medical volunteer opportunities



BIOLA GMMA is back for the fall semester!

Spring 2021 Schedule:

2.9     2.23   3.9

3.24   4.14   4.27

all over zoom at 8 pm Biola time

Mission Trip Opportunities

this semester we are focusing on local missions! 

come back to see any new updates!

Meet Our 2020-2021 Officers!

Andrew Shin


I joined GMMA primarily with the goal to bridge the gap between my faith and my career path. Over time, GMMA has allowed me to see how God extends his healing hand to those in need through the work of modern medicine. It’s been so encouraging to hear the voices of other health professionals and how their practices have helped them exercise their faith. I’ve also grown to love how GMMA gives us the opportunity to impact our local community, especially to those within our reach.

Paul Jeong

Vice President

I first heard about GMMA through my sister, who recommended me to go to the informational booth at the club fair. I had no idea what the club was about, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. I soon came to learn about the whole organization and its vision. I also like the idea of helping out our brothers and sisters around the world, spiritually and physically. When I attended a mission trip that semester, I learned more about God’s love for the nations. GMMA helped me to see the importance of community and compassion.

Jeannie Kim

Missions Coordinator

I first joined GMMA because of how missions were connected to my career. What led me to continue being a part of GMMA is the Christ-loving community. Everyone that I encountered, whether it was through meetings or mission training, was passionate about being healthcare workers in the mission field. Not only that but I met amazing professionals/mentors who kept us accountable and showed me what it as like to love and serve the Lord and others through their jobs. Being a part of GMMA opens a lot of opportunities to meet professionals who can give advice/ share their testimonies, and also, students that have the same passion and love to serve the Lord through their calling.

Madeline Pugar


I joined GMMA because of their Christ-centered missions that incorporated medical help as well. I am a nursing major and hoped to learn more from other people in the medical field. I also have a heart for missions and to spread the gospel. Through GMMA I have learned the importance of keeping missions Christ-centered as well as learning from other medical professionals on how the field of medicine works.

Kiana Truong


Before coming to Biola, I always knew that I wanted to do medical missions and serve God throughout my life. When I first saw GMMA at a club fair, I was excited to learn about their mission and was ready to be involved. My passion and love for GMMA grew as I started going to the GMs and getting to know the mission. I went on a mission trip and the message that I still remember today is: A mission is not a one-day event; mission is also the work before and after the event/trip. I have met many mentors through GMMA and seeing their love for God and His people really inspired me to be like them. I love how GMMA builds a strong community for everyone and how you can serve in every way.

Gracelyn Caceros

Public Relations

For as long as I can remember I felt the desire to go out and serve God’s people, in any way that I could. After deciding on nursing as a career, I found out about GMMA. I immediately felt the draw because of their vision and mission statement. They are committed to serving others as an instrument for God, which is what I believe Christians are meant to do. After going on my first mission, I knew I made the right choice. Regardless of experience level, everyone can and is used to help others. Ultimately, the most important thing is to be present for those who are in need and to be at their feet serving, like Christ.


Jennifer Choi

Jennifer Choi

Chapter Mentor

Professor Deborah O'Dell

Professor Deborah O'Dell

Faculty Advisor

Danny Bang

Danny Bang


Contact Information
Andrew Shin – President

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about Biola University GMMA and our vision.

All collaborations and interests are welcome!

In Him,
Biola University GMMA

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