Ministries of GMMA

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1)
Medical mission is an effective tool to fulfill the Great Commission and GMMA strives to challenge next generation of Christian healthcare professionals to participate in medical missions. GMMA brings undergraduate-and graduate-level students, residents, fellows, and practicing healthcare professionals together to work collectively for furthering of God’s kingdom.

We have growing regional chapters and student chapters across the country and look to engage people of all communities and ethnicities.

Within the GMMA network, you can mentor the next generation of healthcare professionals as well as find mentorship from other believers already engaged in medical mission work. Students can learn how Christian healthcare professionals have responded to God’s call to be salt and light in their professional fields.

GMMA Conference is an informative and beneficial event for both medical and non-medical professionals who are interested in medical missions. We welcome everyone who is passionate about doing God’s mission work. Its purpose is to learn and exchange information and resources about medical missions. It also challenges conference attendees to contribute and join in the future medical missions.

GMMA also promotes networking among those who are already involves in medical missions through local churches and mission organizations.

Students chapters:

As college students, we believe that it’s easy to get caught up in academics and idolize our future careers, neglecting our true identity in Christ. Therefore, in these student chapters, Christian pre-health students gather to network and encourage each other as they pursue a career in health field. As we meet, we remind each other of our hope in Christ and the command to make disciples of all nations through praise, prayer, and fellowship. In a gospel-centered environment, we host healthcare professionals from various fields to not only teach us about their fields but also about what it means to be a Christian health-care professional. Also, we equip student members with valuable academic resources to aid their studies so that they can work heartily for the Lord.

Regional chapters:

Globally GMMA is organized into several  regions. The approximately seven  chapters in the U.S. and overseas provide a network of regular programs, meetings, training workshops, and special mission projects, all tailored to the specific needs of the chapter member. We welcome new chapters and new members.  If you are interested in forming a chapter or becoming a member, you may contact the administration team of GMMA.  We are happy to welcome you to our purpose driven organization.

Short term medical missions:

Every year, GMMA provides an opportunity to embark on summer medical missions with various health professionals. The extended mission trip provides students with clinical experience, while also being witnesses of God’s good news. Throughout the trip, students undergo personal growth, team growth, and spiritual growth under the mentorship of the Christian professionals. Furthermore, students bring back this Christ-centered mindset as they continue to glorify God at their respective schools, churches, and communities. Each individual acquires a passionate love to serve God as the next generation of medical health professionals. GMMA hopes to utilize these medical trips to inspire current students to continuously pursue the missional mindset while also serving the local communities and helping to develop the healthcare infrastructure through health education, clinic funding, and professional care and training. Many short- and long-term medical missionaries contribute to this global network of mission work and GMMA connects whatever need is out in the world to the professionals that are interested. GMMA strives to provide real-time information on what is going on globally so that many can act via direct service or support.

Long-term Medical Missions

GMMA is involved in several mission projects around the globe by supporting missionaries in their needs. Many of our members often go on short-term missions to these various locations to be a part of and grow the work that God is doing there. Many of our board members are on the frontlines leading these mission efforts. Even though GMMA is not a sending body, we closely work with other medical missionaries and our ultimate goal is promoting God’s work in the medical mission field.

Local Missions

GMMA regional and student chapters also endeavor to connect to their local communities. Knowing that there is plenty of work to be done at home and abroad, many chapters are connecting with Christian organizations in their hometowns to serve the underserved communities through health-care clinics, education, and support. We encourage chapters to continue to work in partnership with established organizations so as to synergistically continue ministry through health-care in their neighborhoods.

We held 5 medical missions conferences biannually for the last 10 years and invited 50 missions organizations for the last 2 conferences in New York and LA. The purpose of those conferences was to motivate our attendees to commit their lives to our Lord for the Great Commission and to network with the different mission organizations. For the upcoming conference in 2016, next generation leaders of GMMA are working to mobilize their generation and network toward greater cooperation and partnership in the global mission field. We pray that the conference will motivate young healthcare professionals and challenge them to be a part of mission efforts for God’s kingdom.

Each regional chapter of GMMA is encouraged to hold smaller scale conferences for their respective areas. The goals are to encourage more information sharing, interactive workshop sessions, networking events, and expert consensus panels to serve their region best. GMMA works through conference events to both network all organizations and defragment the system of healthcare mission work within a given region.

GMMA looks to eliminate the redundancies in medical mission work. While there are many with a heart to serve, there are too many organizations and individuals doing the same things. We hope to encourage information sharing and networking and partner with organizations to enhance God’s kingdom. We actively mobilize students and young health care professionals to share in the responsibility of ministries for Christ. Through our national conferences, regional meetings, and chapter meetings, we invite representatives of Christian healthcare organizations to partner with us and consolidate our networking and information sharing with mission organizations and local churches.
We know that preparing the young generation is key to the continued work and success of organizations such as ours. Medical missions can be challenging and difficult to organize and implement.  A mature leader or health care professional cannot be manufactured. They should be cared for and nurtured under well-planned guidance.

Our mentoring program provides a network to establish mentoring relationships between students or residents and attending physicians or seniors at local levels.  Building  a mentoring relationship with a knowledgeable professional can enhance the young generation’s success throughout his/her medical vocation and can reinvigorate the passion of the mentor for the field of medicine to follow the steps of the Great mentor, Jesus Christ.

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