Thank you to all those who have invested their love, prayers, and support over these few months. We hope that you are blessed by the testimonies in this video and pray that you share in the grace we experienced during our week in Piedras Negras. Special thanks to all the medical staff, teachers, and professionals who joined our group in Mexico last May. We truly appreciate all that you prepared and brought into the trip, and look forward to all the memories to come. Solo Cristo Salva!

We are GMMA, the #GlobalMedicalMissionsAlliance. We strive to reach out to the Next Generation to EQUIP them for World Missions, and to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. GMMA members are the future healthcare leaders representing all races and ethnicities to “ARISE & SHINE” (Is. 60:1) for God’s Glory and Grace wherever they go, at home and throughout the world.

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