“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can not be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forever” (Psalms 125: 1-2)

GMMA June 2019 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting

When I was in college, I was involved in many challenging activities. One of them was rock climbing. One Saturday morning, a few friends and I decided to climb a difficult mountain.  Along the path, there was a memorial plaque that we had to cross transversely. These steps required absolute balance and focus. As I moved to let go of my stance and move from left to right, I lost my balance and started to free fall for 40 feet. I was barely saved by an anchor which was held by a friend in front of me.  Later he told me that he was about to lose his balance and fall, but he held the rope with all of his might and saved us. If I was alone, I could have died, but because I was connected to my team, I lived. When climbers traverse a difficult terrain, they rope themselves together so they can  be held together to support and assist each other throughout any difficulties until completion. 

 We, children of Christ, are roped together through the everlasting promises and love of God and are secured for eternity.  “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can not be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forever” Psalms 125: 1-2.  If you stay connected, you will live through the trials and temptations of this world in the victory of His promises. The University of Virginia Chapter executed a plan to help each other to stay together in faith, which I came to know about when I visited them recently. It was mandatory for all members to post a QT devotion everyday on their Facebook.  This commitment led to wonderful fruits of greater unity, fellowship, and accountability.  The members were there for each other; a supportive community to share, comfort, challenge, remind, and testify the good Lord who answers the prayers of His children!

As the mountaineers rope together, and as the University of Virginia link together, our GMMA family members are all connected and linked together in His amazing grace and power. Though we may not physically see each other as we are placed everywhere, please know that we are connected and are moving together in the journey of medical missions through joint prayer and participation in Christ. You are never alone.  Let us continue to make every effort to stay together and stand firm together. After all, GMMA is a movement of God’s family collectively following His movement. No matter where you are, I want you to know that we are family, and family stays together through whatever trials and tribulations we may come to face. We are here for you to be accountable together for His glory. Stay connected! 


Peter Chung, M. D.

Young Professionals Day Conference and Board Meeting. JOIN US! 

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“The 2019 Texas GMMA Summer Mexico Mission trip was led by family physician, Dr. Yong Sik Kim of Houston, Texas. The mentors on our team consisted of an additional two family physicians, Dr. Simi Massey of Houston and Dr. Rosemary Ayitey of Oklahoma. The students came from the campuses of UT Austin, UT Dallas, The University of Houston, Texas A&M University, Baylor, and a local church from Austin named Evergreen Church. After lots of prayer and a training in Austin, Texas, our team of 32 students and 3 mentors set out to Piedras Negras, Mexico on May 28, 2019.

We were reminded once more of how God provides everything in His perfect timing throughout the planning process and throughout the mission trip. God provided an additional two local doctors who joined us in the medical clinic, as well as three local dentists who served many children and adults. Our team partnered with a local church in Piedras Negras and set up a medical clinic, dental clinic, and VBS program, where our students played and danced with the children. After two days of clinic and home visits, our team had seen a total 142 patients, 26 of which gave their lives to Christ!! Praise God for showing us how deep and wide His love is for His people in Piedras Negras!

Almost half of our team consisted of GMMA mission trip first-timers and it was such a blessing to see the eager servants’ hearts they all brought with them to Mexico! We returned to Texas on June 2, 2019 and arrived safely to our respective homes!”

– April Kwon, UT Austin Missions Coordinator

“Our trip to Honduras from 5/4-5/10 was led by Dr Chung. On our trip we had 3 physicians (1 CT surgery and 2 internal medicine), 2 dentists, 1 pharmacist, and 1 nurse practitioner (psych). We also had 2 local dentists join us for the first day of the trip. The students were from Georgia Tech, University of South Florida, and University of Central Florida. We also had 1 dental student from Honduras join us. We had, in total, 7 professionals and 19 students. This trip consisted of a lot more time in clinic and less time with VBS than I have had in past trips. We definitely gained a lot of experience with that. Our theme was “Child of God” which I think spoke to many people. I saw many students were either new in the their faith or didn’t quite know what to believe, and just learning about how we are all children of the Living God and how that should affect our lives really spoke powerfully, at least to me. One big thing we talked about was accountability in regards to spiritual disciplines which some of us have continued to do with each other since the trip. We also had a few baptisms in the river which was a huge blessing!”

– Stephen Lee, Georgia Tech


Regional Health Reports


Praise Report: 
As summer come around, our UC quarter system schools come to a close. Student chapters had their last meetings and are finished with finals. New board members have been working with the previous board to learn their new positions and prepare for the following year. As we look back on the past school year, God has been so faithful and blessed each campus uniquely to serve His kingdom and make both global and local impacts. In two weeks time, West Coast GMMA will be hosting our annual leadership retreat (6/29/19 at All Nations Church) to equip next year’s board members with the tools to bless their respective campuses. 

Regional Outreach & Needs:
The Leadership retreat planning committee has been working tirelessly. Please pray for wisdom, guidance, and strength for the leaders as the event approaches. 
Pray for the summer mission teams that GMMA will be sending out. 
The postgrads “Know My Calling” Conference is coming up July 13. Please pray for the planning committee and attendees- that they would be blessed.

Regional Coordinator Message: 
A new team of West Coast Regional representatives are replacing Matthew Lee and Peter Seo as they step down for medical school. Janet Back and Thomas Won will be the new regional representatives alongside Caleb Kang. 
As stated above, the remaining work of the regional coordinators includes the Leadership retreat and “Know My Calling” conference. 

We want to highlight UCI as many of their board members graduate. They have been faithful and God is working powerfully through them! 

Hebrews 10:24-25  
And let us consider how we may spur one another in towards love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another -and all the more as you see the Day approaching


Praise Report:
There are two really big praise reports. The first is that a new mentor named Hannah Myung stepped up to help out at the University of Texas at Dallas. We were praying for new mentors and God has faithfully answered our prayers. Second big praise report is that, we are seeing diversity amongst our officer board. In the beginning it was mostly Korean, but we now have non-Korean officers all around the Central Region. God is using GMMA to bring a diverse group of people to serve His kingdom.

Regional Outreach & Needs:
One need that we have is prayers for our Honduras trip coming up in July. As we prepare for the trip, please pray for humbleness and for God’s will to be done. And please continue praying for mentors to be raised up in other chapters as well.

Regional Coordinator Message:
Thank you so much for your cares and prayers for the Central Region. One of the things God has been sharing with me was to live the rest of the days God has allotted me for the glory of His name.

1 Peter 4:1-2 “Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves with the same way of thinking, for whoever has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin, so as to live for the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for human passions but for the will of God.”

Chapter Feature

You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at admin@gmma7.org.

Professional Development

Professionals for Mission Trips: The May Texas Region chapter’s mission trip to Mexico border was joined by a physician Dr. Kim met at the M3 Conference early this year.  Just at the right time as Dr. Kim was short on professionals for the team.  The team served at an even poorer area to be a small encouragement for people going through many challenges. 

Meeting Missionaries from around the World: We are meeting missionaries from around the world as every site needs medical assistance. We are contacted by mission sites in Africa asking if GMMA teams can come and help may unfortunate circumstances.  We pray for a revival among the professionals’ group who will say yes to going on more mission trips.

Ministry Partnerships:  We continue to serve together with our ministry partners like SmilUntoUs.  GMMA dental professionals and students joined Dr. Suh at the dental conference and met one of 2018 GMMA conference workshop speakers, Dr. Bob Meyer and his wife there.   Dr. Meyer serves as the president of the Christian Dental Society. Praise the Lord for wonderful fellowships. 

Partnering with Local Churches: We continue to make efforts to partner with local churches in medical missions.  For our Paraguay medical mission trip, we are partnering with the members of Sa Rang Community Church in Anaheim, CA. We realize the effort of partnership leads to more resources and strength for the team as well as for the mission sites.  We pray for grown in this area.

Serving as an Intergenerational Family: GMMA’s beauty as a family entails all generations serving together.  In the picture below shows retired pharmacists helping with medication prep for an upcoming mission trip joined by our kidney specialist Dr. Iris Lee and a post-grad engineer, Eunho. 

Prayer Requests 

Please click below for the Student and Staff prayer requests.

Upcoming Events & Announcements 

Summer Mission Trips to Honduras needs more professionals.  Please join in and help students to learn and get refreshed at the mission site!  Contact missions@gmma7.org for how to apply.

New officers’ training retreats taking place across the nation.  Join us in prayer for a blessed training in unity and love of Christ.  

Please make a donation to GMMA to support medical missions and the effort of raising up the next generation of Christ-centered healthcare workers to participate in medical missions to a needy world. There are over 40 college GMMA chapters to encourage and support.  Click on the link to donate   Greater than funds would be your presence on these campuses and on the mission fields with us! 

Summer Mission Trip Schedule:  
Sign up early at Missions@gmma7.org as space is limited!

West Coast mission dates are:
Honduras – Aug 2-7*
Honduras – Aug 31-Sept 7

East Coast mission dates are: 
Honduras – Aug 2-7*

Central mission dates are:
Honduras – July 28-Aug 2

Canada mission dates are:
Honduras – Aug 2-7* 

Until next time,
Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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