GMMA January 2021 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting

“He has set his foundation on the holy mountain, the Lord loves the gate of Zion.”  Psalms 87:12

The central theme of Psalms is that the Most High makes his dwelling place on the Holy mountain where he meets his people and calls all the nations through the gates of Zion.

Through these dark periods of the pandemic, the Lord has spoken a word of blessing and wrath in one statement, which is “I am your God.”  For those who are receptive to the Lord it is an intimate time of worship.  For those who shun the Lord, it is a warning.  Do we see a light at the end of the tunnel?  Through these tumultuous times, our eyes should be fixed on the Holy mountain, Zion and in the stillness we should hear the rumbling sound of the Lord saying ” I am your God.”

2021 has begun with a renewed spirit. What is our vision?  More importantly, what is God’s vision for us?  “I will pour out my spirit…. young men will see vision” Acts 2:17.

I had the privilege of visiting all the GMMA chapters in October and November of last year. Though it was via virtual means, as I joined each campus, I felt as though I was walking on holy ground. I saw how the Lord was working hard on the hearts and spirits of these young men and women and I was inspired by how the Lord kept them so steadfast and pure during this unprecedented time.  I was challenged and blessed by their heart of worship and dedication.  As a result of these meetings, I believe GMMA needs to have a radical change of heart to serve and be served.

When we named our organization the Global Medical Mission Alliance, we had a specific reason. Medical mission – the MM of GMMA is our DNA. Living out missional life wherever we go and in all that we do is at the heart of who we are.  Alliance – A – was for the strategy that we would not compete nor duplicate the ministries of other organizations, rather we would partner with them to bring the gospel of Jesus to the world. Global – G was our destination. The Lord commanded us to  “go make disciples of all nations.” Every follower of Jesus should be a globally mission minded disciple of Jesus!   As of today, GMMA has touched 13 nations with the gospel of Jesus. It is the vision of our God for this organization to reach all five continents of the world. I recently shared at a prayer meeting that GMMA would be God’s great ministry through which many people worldwide will come to know the Lord. Lives will be transformed, disciples will be created, and chapters will multiply.  As the newly launched postgraduate, young professionals and future missionary ministries grow, we will continue to witness the signs of God’s wonders as we service these ministries to help them thrive and grow.  The Lord is at the center of GMMA and in him we trust to exact his will.

You may wonder how we may be able to discern and fulfill God’s calling – it’s by joining together in corporate prayer.  Let us get together every morning around the Holy mountain of Zion. “Let light shine out of darkness, made his light shine in our heart…Give us the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”  2 Corinthians 4:6. His lighthouse on the mountain will guide our passage!

Let us kneel before him and commit to a radical prayer life.  Daniel made the radical decision “not to defile himself with the royal food and wine.” Daniel 1:8. We need to know that without prayer there is no ministry.

I believe organic small group prayer meetings have the power to ignite the fire of a powerful prayer movement, spreading like wildfire to all the GMMA nations and beyond.The Lord spoke to Joshua before he led the Israelites to cross the river Jordan to “be strong and courageous.”

To make the ministry of GMMA be God’s great ministry, we need to have a courageous and  bold heart to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus.

Let us make this our prayer this year that we will “Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his holy mountain, for the Lord our God is Holy” Psalms 99:9

Praying for a safe and blessed new year.







In His Service,
Peter Chung, Sr., M.D.



​Professional Development

Professional members continue to be His light in the challenging state of things in the present; especially in the healthcare system. Some of our members had to go through healing and a time of recovering after testing positive for Covid-19 as they are frontline clinicians. We pray together for them and thank the Lord when we hear they have recovered.  In spite of challenging work schedules, we are so thankful that the professionals continue to serve as mentors and reach out to students experiencing difficulties.  Through Zoom, both students and postgrads are able to receive guidance from mentors across the nation. 
Standing out for January was the first national prayer meeting of the year hosted by our GMMA president, Dr. Peter Chung Sr.  All gathered even from Korea to pray together and hear the vision casting by Dr. Chung Sr. for 2021. “Good Ministry to Great Ministry” for His glory was emphasized with “PRAYER” being the channel that will fuel the enablement of being good to becoming great.  Dr. Chung recommended members to start the new year with deeper daily prayer and regular fasting efforts individually and corporately.  He emphasized this is an essential part of life as Christ-followers striving to live a missional life. Also, we are reminded by history that repentance and prayer always preceded any notable revival.  Prayer will be a part of everything we do as a ministry, and we will testify His greatness in the ways He always hears and answers our prayers in perfect timing.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Mission Report

Mission Site Feature: Zimbabwe

This month’s featured missionary is Dr. Jin-Kyong Chun, MD, Ph.D., serving as Pediatrician at Harare Children’s Hospital and instructor at Department of Pediatrics, College of Health Science, University of Zimbabwe, Africa. She committed to becoming a medical missionary at a young age and pursued a life of intentional preparation to be ready when God calls her to the mission field. She reminds us of the importance of living out the life of faith cultivating ourselves and being proactive to be prepared for His work.  Though she did not see strong signs or hear the voice from God, she diligently served as a pediatrician and clinical faculty member and equipped during her free time for mission through attending mission-related events and completing certification courses, particularly in the area of pediatric infectious disease as there was a significant shortage in this specialty. In 2012, she was offered to go as a missionary to Zimbabwe through AFF (Africa Future Foundation- GMMA’s close mission partner). It was God’s perfect timing evident through closures of her commitments in Korea and approval of her children, family, and their home church.  Her daughter, after 4 years in Zimbabwe, got accepted to UCLA and was a part of GMMA UCLA! Since 2012 she has worked with the people of Zimbabwe on many projects related to children such as Pediatric Rehab Program and Pediatric Open Heart Surgery Project.  Greater than the projects are the relationships built in the love of Christ with the people of Zimbabwe.  She testifies that God provided all that was needed to serve at the mission site and encourages young professionals not to worry about lacking funds or support and go when God calls you to go. Her journey continues as a medical missionary and looks forward to serving with members of GMMA when the opportunities arise in the future. She ends with a sharing on the interworking of faith, obedience, and grace as key components of a missional life; of course God’s grace takes the lead enabling and empowering faith and obedience. Praise God for His beautiful work in missionary Dr. Chun’s life. 

Regional Health Reports


Praise Report 

Our chapters had a restful break after a completely remote semester/quarter!

Please pray that despite the circumstances, our chapters serve prayerfully, as they start a new quarter/semester. Many of our chapters faced burn-out towards the end of 2020, so please pray that they remain steadfast in the Lord for the rest of the school year!

Regional Coordinator Message
While we were not expecting the pandemic to last until 2021, it has been very encouraging to see how our students have been pushing through this unusual school year. I am so thankful for their serving hearts and their constant desire to always do better!

Student Chapter Highlight 
“With the start of Winter Quarter, UCLA GMMA has had two general meetings (GMs). The first GM was focused on fellowship, as we shared about our winter breaks and played games together. Our second GM was a Mock Missions Training event divided into three sections: VBS, Spanish, and Vitals. For future GMs, we are looking forward to having more joint meetings with West and East Coast GMMA student chapters and are excited to launch our suturing workshops.
Despite online GMs last Fall, all thanks to God’s grace, we were able to have meaningful and educational times. We had many guest speakers and joint meetings with UCSB and Vanderbilt. We sincerely thank Jesus for proving His presence once again through GMMACares, showing us that He is in the lead if we pray and rely on Him. Our prayer requests for the new year are to not be doubtful but trust in the Lord that He may continue what He has always been doing- taking the reigns in everything we do because He knows what is best for His children and that we stay close and faithful to Him through our daily QTs and prayers.”
– Ellie Kim, UCLA GMMA President


Praise report
After a much-needed winter break, the chapters are ready to start off strong to a new semester and a new year! The officer boards for each chapter were able to plan for the semester over the break and are excited for a refreshing new start!

The chapters are all seeking prayer as their greatest need! Please pray that each chapter would be led by the Spirit and that the Lord may have His will be done in each chapter. Please also pray for upcoming officers and that God would bring passionate servants to GMMA this upcoming year!

Regional Coordinator Message
Just as Dr. Chung Sr. had mentioned at the Vision Casting Prayer meeting, I personally felt God calling me to spend more time in prayer this upcoming year. I reflected and looked back on the times when I didn’t pray as much and I wondered why I didn’t. And I think honestly, we tend to stop praying when we lose faith in the power of prayer. When we don’t believe in its significance in our lives is when we stop praying. I pray that this upcoming year and semester, each GMMA member will pursue their heavenly Father in intimate prayer.

Student Chapter Highlight 
Northwestern Chapter has started a PODS program for their members to keep them all engaged and connected to one another! 2 officers per region of the US were in charge of the students living in their region, and they all had fellowship! Great idea for keeping members in touch during this pandemic!


Praise Report
Winter break allowed us to recharge our batteries and reflect on last year. We can all agree that despite the circumstances and struggles, we still see the kingdom of God moving. In this new year, the East Coast chapters are returning with renewed passion and energy, but most importantly, with a greater intention on prayer. While the student leaders have been busy planning for the spring semester, they are making commitments to grow their individual relationships with God and relying on their brothers and sisters to keep them accountable.

Regional Outreach & Needs
Please pray for the student chapters as officer transitions happen this semester. Many of the leaders are worried about graduating seniors and consequently, vacant officer boards. Please pray that these chapters would be blessed with Timothy’s – honest followers of Jesus with eager hearts to learn, serve, and step up – and that God’s Will, and not our desires, will be fulfilled.

Regional Coordinator Message
We are excited to restart regional prayer meetings every month! As we plan for these prayer meetings, we are hoping that God would use these times to spark a breakthrough in our ministry and our lives. Oswald Chambers in his book, My Utmost for His Highest, wrote, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater works; prayer is the greater work. I regret that I reduce prayer to an item on a to-do or protocol list before I go accomplish “great stuff”, but I’m reminded that the “great stuff” happens when I am praying. Prayer doesn’t just prepare me for battle but prayer is the battle. I want to pray more because my Father, who loves me perfectly as His daughter, is listening. When I accept His invitation to come to Him and pour out my heart, that is when the greater work happens.

You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at

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 Our healthcare community serving together for His glory.

As many are facing new challenges due to changes in education, professional training, and
workplace due to the pandemic, we’ve created “GMMA Connects” as a space for

Please share and connect to the inquiries if you can assist in
any way. You can send inquiries to by the 15th of the
month to be listed in this section.

Prayer Requests 

The pandemic has made people feel isolated. We feel disconnected. Do you think technology truly connects people? Although we have over 1,000 connections over our social networking sites, sometimes we have difficulty finding people whom we can trust, open our hearts to and tell our struggles. Do you want to find the One whom you can trust and open your heart honestly?

Please click the link above or the February 2021 GMMA Prayer Requests from Admin Staff so that you can come before God to listen to His true and faithful words and pray.

GMMA adapted ECHO prayer app so every GMMA member can pray together at 9 PM every day.
Here is the link for GMMA-Echo Instruction for your information.


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