The Re-evangelization of Europe and its Relevance for North America

by Rev Dr. Daniel Chae

Rev Dr. Daniel Chae

Rev Dr. Daniel Chae

Amnos Ministries-UK

Date: June 25, 2016

  • Speaker: Rev Dr. Daniel Chae
  • Source: GMMA/KAMHC 2016
  • Language: English
  • Length: 45 Minutes 45 Seconds


Europe was the birthplace of the Reformation, Puritanism, several revival movements, modern theological studies. For many centuries, the European Church was the main missionary force in spreading the gospel all around the world. Sadly, Europe today has itself become a serious mission field. Throughout Europe, Christianity is no longer regarded as worth following. The decline of the Church in Europe would cause a crisis for world Christianity, in light of the fact that Europe has been the center of Christendom for almost 2000 years. In addition to that, Islam is advancing rapidly. We must know this phenomenon and pray for Europe, and most importantly, we must to something to reverse the current trend of church decline in Europe.  I will explain such trend and phenomenon with specific statistics, and offer some strategies to reverse them.

Our God is a God of restoration, however. He will restore the honour of His name in Europe through His people. God is calling out those who will pray for the revitalisation of the Church in Europe, and who will share the gospel with many who have not yet heard of the love of Christ. The re-evangelisation of Europe is the greatest missionary task in this generation.

Different reports warn us that what is happening in Europe is already happening in North America as well. What must the North American Church do to slow down the church decline and to reverse the trend before it is too late?


Rev. Daniel Chae is the Executive Director of Amnos Ministries and Principal of Amnos Church Planting School He is also a Council member of the UK Evangelical Alliance, and a Research Associate of London School of Theology.

He has a combination of theological, pastoral and missionary experience. He was involved with the ministry of OM ships over a period of over 30 years, and was Managing Director of MV Doulos (2004-2009). He was the Founding Pastor of Eastbury Church in northwest London (1997-2004). After obtaining a BA in Business Management in Korea, he received a BA(Hon.) and a PhD from the London School of Theology. He was Tutor, Visiting Lecturer at London School of Theology. He was Research Fellow of Asia Center for Theological Studies and Missions, Korea (2004-2010).

His PhD thesis on Romans was published by Paternoster in 1997. He has also written a few books in Korean, and a number of academic and devotional articles.

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