GMMA invites mission organizations to partner with us so that we may support and enhance their work in building God’s Kingdom by connecting and networking them with other like-minded individuals and organizations. Through our national conferences, regional meetings, and chapter meetings, we mobilize and inspire passionate students and young healthcare professionals to become actively involved with mission organizations already doing God’s work. We desire to share valuable information together that will positively impact global medical missions.


Organization / WebsiteBaseVision StatementServing Opportunities Contact Info
PUST School of Medicine www.pustdms.orgNKThe mission of the PUST Division of Medical Sciences is to Create an academic institution that is self-sustaining, innovative, competitive and nurturing to equip students through seasoned faculty, advanced research and technology, and world class training in order to compassionately and collaboratively address the medical needs of the people of the DPRK and East Asia.• School of Medicine (SOM)
• School of Public Health (SOPH)
• PUST DMS Support Center (PSC)
• PSC Policy and Communications Associate
• PSC Public Relations Associate
• PSC Media and Technology Associate (online)
• PUST School of Dentistry
Dr. David Roh (School of Medicine)
PUST School of Dentistry www.pustdms.orgNKThe mission of the PUST School of Dentistry is: to build a self-sustaining, innovative, and competitive academic institution that provides students of the DPRK with world-class education, faculty, clinical training, and advanced research opportunities.General Volunteer (Would like to remain in touch and volunteer when opportunities arise)Dr. Brian Lee (School of Dentistry)
Global Dental Alliance
California, USAGlobal Dental Alliance (GDA) was founded in 1995 by a group of dentists seeking to utilize their profession by serving those both at home and abroad. The organization is comprised of dental professionals who possess the heart and desire to offer their resources and support in the dental field. • Volunteer and support opportunities for the downtown Los Angeles area.
• Support and training opportunities in Cambodia with Dr. Frank Cho's dental clinic.
• Participation in dental residency and education programs in Central Asia.
• Sharing and resource communication through meetings and newsletters
Dr. Peter Kim
HPM: Healthcare Professionals Ministry linkCalifornia USATo carry out the mandate given by Christ in the Great Commission by reaching out to many physically and spiritually sick people both locally and globally. Short term Medical Missions in california, mexico and west coast
MyungSung Medical College www.mmc-edu.netEthiopiaThe mission of MMC is to educate health care providers in God’s love and empower them to develop the future capacity-building of the health sector of Ethiopia as faithful servant leaders.Medical College ApplicationsDr. Chisoo Choi
VCS: Vision Care Service www.vcs2020.orgKoreaOur Vision is to share the love that God has given us by seeking out the visually impaired, treating the illness, and helping the patients see the bright future as God intended.TBADr. Dong Hae Kim
Hebron Medical Center www.hebronmc.comCambodiaHebron Medical Center aims to provide quality medical care to the needy, while being a resource for the community. Futhermore, the vision of HMC is also to raise native Christian leaders in a medical setting to ultimately pass the torch of the hospital to the native leaders.Short term medical missions (team/individual)Dr. Woo Jung Kim
NIEA: New India Evangelical Association www.nieamission.orgIndia, West Virginia, USAWe are in the business of envisioning a New India. Serving in a largely under-developed part of India, transformation is what we seek. Transformation addresses the plea “Lord, may your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.• Medical Camp: January 17-24, `16
• Senior High School Teacher:
Looking for an experienced High School Teacher who can handle English Prose, English Grammar, and English Poetry for Class 8-12 class students in India. Minimum commitment of service will be 1 Yr.

• Physicians - for short term or long term medical missions:
Rural hospital in Bihar is seeking Christian physicians who are willing to serve. Family physicians or those with any specialty may apply. Minimum duration of service is about 2-3 weeks, Long term deployment opportunities also exist for physicians and dentists.

• Nurses - for short term or long term service in health care projects:
Medical mission base in Bihar, N. India seeks committed and qualified nursing personnel, with RN, ARNP, Graduate nurses for short term (minimum period is 2-3 months) or long term opportunities. Along with nursing services, teaching opportunities exist as well.

• Special Education Teachers / Care Givers
To work with special needs children including physically, mentally and emotionally challenged children. Hurt term (minimum 6 months) or long term opportunities.
Dr. Alex Philip
In His Image www.inhisimage.orgOklahoma, USAThe mission of In His Image is to improve health and bring hope by training physicians in our Christian Family Medicine Residency Good Samaritan Health Services Mitch Duininck
Medical Ambassadors International www.medicalambassadors.orgCalifornia, USAMedical Ambassadors International (MAI) is part of an international network of people who are passionately committed to wholistic mission in the name of Jesus. We believe that practical action and prayer are equally • Mission Seminars
• Vision Seminars
• Short term team opportunity (must be invited)
Dr. David Jung


The Korean American Missions Health Council (KAMHC) was inaugurated with a calling to reach out to the lost and hurting world, especially to the un-reached people group of the 10/40 Window. Jesus came to the world to give us life and life more abundant. He asked us to lift up our eyes and look at the fields for they are already ripe for harvest. Now it the time for all healthcare professionals as well as other members of local churches to overcome the self-absorbed life style, and instead, to respond to the Call  by going to the harvest field and ministering to the lost and hurting world.

Mission Statement

The Korean American Missions Health Council (KAMHC) exists to inform, motivate, mobilize and train mission-minded health-care professionals through national & regional conferences and other training opportunities. It also strives to provide effective networking among them and also with other mission organizations and local churches.

Jesus came and healed the sick. Jesus desires our whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless. (I Thessalonians 5:23) It is our duty to follow Jesus to heal the sick and set them free from the slavery of sins. (Luke 4:18,19)

KAMHC is established to gather our wisdom and strength

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make them believe in Christ and accept Jesus as their Lord.
  • To be changed in the hearts by the Scripture to live a clean lives and godly love.
  • To heal the sick and to teach the health education.
Korean American Missions Health Conference

KAMHC holds biennial Missions Health Conference with a vision to bring many mission minded healthcare professionals and students in the US for networking, mobilization and cooperation for medical missions. In November 2006, the 1st KAMHC was held at the Bethel Korean Church in Irvine, CA with more than 800 in attendance. Also the following conferences in 2008 and 2010 were held at the Bethel Korean Church and in 2012 at the Korean Church of Queens in New York. The Most recent KAMHC conference that we ran was in June of 2014 KAMHC at the Young Nak Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. And most of our board members participated as speakers and teachers for the conferences in the past and they will do so in the future. It is our hope and expectation that these conferences will be an impetus for a great revival for medical missions across the globe.

Current KAMHC Mission Works

KAMHC is involved in several mission works around the country by supporting missionaries in their needs. We often go on short-term missions to these various locations to do our medical mission work. Many of our board members are in the front-line leading these mission efforts.

A) Haiti Medical Missionary Young-Jae Kim established a local mission center and a clinic in Haiti. This is where local health professionals are trained and sent out as medical missionaries.


Haiti Project Currently, KAMHC is working on raising funds and awareness for a missionary, Danny Kim, in Haiti. KAMHC is proud to sponsor and work with such a dedicated missionary that has previous success in medical missions work in Dominican Republic. He is fully qualified as a medical doctor and a pastor who has a deep passion for the people who are in need. Currently, he is working hard to create a sustainable solution for the people of Haiti by creating a clinic that will treat and care for patients who deeply need care of attention not only in medical ways but also in spiritual ways. Missionary Kim’s goal and approach is to teach and train local Haitian doctors so that they themselves can go out to the rural parts of the country and serve as medical missionaries. Needless to say, there is a great need of funds in finishing and maintaining this clinic that will serve as a crucial part of doing medical missions in the city of Saint Marc, Haiti. KAMHC hosted our first fundraising event for Haiti Project on Feb. 16th 2013 at Cerritos Presbyterian Church in Cerritos, CA.


B) Guatemala: Guatemala Chimaltenango Mission Hospital, through which medical oncologists Dr. Sang-Hoon Ahn and Dr. Chang-Soo Choi are helping to establish healthcare schools, operate intern and extern programs for the medical students in Guatemala in cooperation with local health professionals.


Guatemala Healthcare School Project Also, KAMHC is planning and negotiating to build a medical school in the City of Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

C) Mongolia Missionary In-Ja Lee, RN is working on establishing Homeless Clinic and College of Nursing, while teaching at Mongol International University in Mongolia with her husband missionary Chung Lee.


D) Ethiopia In Myungsung Hospital, Young-Hoon Kim, M.D., Pathologist, is sent as long term missionary to help establish pathology department in medical school in Ethiopia. Dr. Chisoo Choi is serving as a traveling faculty at medical college of MCM currently.



KAMHC Regional Chapters

KAMHC regional chapter members are gathering together to support our next generation of medical professionals with prayers. Dr. Hong Sik Kim was elected as a KAMHC LA Chapter president. We are in the process of expanding local chapters in several different cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle.

We are also currently looking for seasoned professionals and young healthcare practitioners to whom we can provide mentorship and discipleship to meet the needs of the next generation of healthcare students.


The World Christian Nursing Foundation (WCNF)

The World Christian Nursing Foundation (WCNF) was established in Los Angeles, CA, USA on April 18, 1998 by senior nurses, in order to spread the Good News of Christ through nursing ministry in accordance with God’s will.

The Foundation commits to following scripture and using nursing skills for missionary work, service, and providing educational resources for the local and international communities.

  • Training Christian nurses and leaders
  • Establishing nursing schools and supporting other programs in the third countries.
  • Providing scholarships and educational resources
  • Holding academic conferences
Medical Mission
  • Evangelizing activities in local and international communities
  • Sending emergency aid workers
  • Establishing international nursing missionary network
  • Training and sending out nursing missionary teams
  • Providing support for nursing missionary teams
  • Establishing and providing medical support for health centers
  • Providing short and long term services for various nursing organizations
  • Fundraising and providing support to eradicate communicable diseases.
  • Planning to set up health clinics in North Korea

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST)

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) was opened in 2010, offering programs in areas ranging from engineering to business to agriculture. It is the first private university in the DPRK, and classes are taught in English by foreign faculty.

PUST currently has three departments out of its intended five in operation, and is in the process of starting its fourth: the Division of Medical Sciences. DMS has the opportunity to provide a university education in the field of healthcare, where the students will be on par with their international peers. This opportunity has been unprecedented in the DPRK.

The mission of the PUST Division of Medical Sciences…

Create an academic institution that is:

  • self-sustaining
  • innovative
  • competitive
  • nurturing

Equip students with skills from:

  • seasoned faculty
  • advanced research and technology
  • world class training

… to compassionately and collaboratively address the medical needs of the people of the DPRK and East Asia.

Training will be drawn from international expertise and research so that students of the PUST Medical Sciences meet worldwide standards in their respective fields.
More can be found about this exciting new development at

GDA (Global Dental Alliance)

Global Dental Alliance (GDA) was founded in 1995 by a group of dentists seeking to utilize their profession by serving those both at home and abroad.   The organization is comprised of dental professionals who possess the heart and desire to offer their resources and support in the dental field.

GDA is committed to healing through dentistry and providing outreach to those in need. Meeting the immediate physical needs are one of the main goals of GDA. Advancements in portable equipment and the growing hearts of dental professionals have allowed opportunities to relieve pain and suffering around the world.

You can make a difference and help people smile


Contact Email:

GDA is involved the following areas:
  • Provides rental portable dental equipment/instruments for short term mission trips
  • Supports training opportunities in Cambodia and Central Asia
  • Participates  in dental residency and education programs in Central Asia.
  • Provides dental care to needy at mission fields
  • Shares  resources  through meetings and newsletters

There is a huge unmet need for dental care of an acceptable standard. Areas of Cambodia have shown the worst oral health of young children around the world. Cambodia is currently 95% Buddhist. Projects include supporting and providing resources to Dr. Frank Cho´s free dental clinic in Cambodia. To learn more about how you can help,

Central Asia

GDA has partnered with other organizations to provide educational instruction for future dentists and health professionals through residency programs. The Central Asia team meets monthly to strategize on how to support the residency program and partakes in annual trips.


Opportunities in Mexico allow a good introduction to dentists who prefer short term trips in the field. Dental and health care teams typically travel for one weekend to care for many in spiritual and physical need.

Los Angeles

State and local budget cuts put tremendous strain on local clinics. Many individuals in Los Angeles, including the homeless, are left with greatly decreased access to medical care. As of 2011, over 1.7 million people without insurance currently reside in Los Angeles County, and many are left to suffer in ongoing pain. Los Angeles Health Center (located in downtown Los Angeles) established their subsidized dental clinic in 1996 to assist those in need. Volunteers typically commit to at least three hours per month for common dental treatments. There is currently an increased demand for services thus additional volunteers are always welcome. The clinic is typically open Monday through Thursday between 8:00am to 11:00am and 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

HPM(Healthcare Professionals Ministry)


Healthcare Professionals Ministry (HPM) is a network of Christian healthcare professionals formed to reach out both locally and globally in sharing God’s love through healthcare while growing spiritually together as a body of Christ.


Healthcare Professionals Ministry (HPM) is a network of Christian healthcare professionals formed to reach out both locally and globally in sharing God’s love through healthcare while growing spiritually together as a body of Christ. We meet regularly for large group meetings and small group bible studies, serve locally through our skid row health clinic, serve globally through short-term missions trips, as well as network with one another through various fellowship activities.


  • Serve Locally – Skid Row Health Clinics
  • Serve Globally – Short-term Missions Trips abroad
  • Grow Spiritually  – Regular Bible Studies; Network and Fellowship


1) Weekly HPM Small Group/Bible Study

Meets every Sunday @ 2:45 pm to 4:30pm (small group is composed of about a dozen to 20 people for the purpose of sharing, accountability, developing friendships, praying, bible study, fellowship).  Currently we’re meeting at YNCC’s Broadway campus, Grace Hall – Room 3.  (P4 on:  Most of the people go out to dinner afterwards at around 5pm.

2) Quarterly HPM Large Group Meetings:

A few times a year, we have quarterly large group gatherings and open house for all Christian healthcare professionals in Southern California.  This is also a great opportunity for those who cannot participate regularly to be able to come out just a few times a year and stay connected.  This is also a wonderful way to 1) listen to an invited guest speaker share about their medical missions experiences 2) learn about serving opportunities and 3) network with other fellow Christian healthcare professionals.  Recent guest speakers include 1) a Kaiser surgeon called to do full time medical missions work in Ethiopia, 2) a pediatric surgeon called to do full time medical missions work in Mali, 3) Pastor Steeven Veerapaneni, a national missionary to India, 4) YNCC-HPM medical missions teams to  Haiti, India, Ethiopia, etc.

3) HPM Outdoor Clinic Ministry with LA Christian Health Centers ( and Love LA at URM (Union Rescue Mission)

On a selected Sunday afternoon (2:30-5:00pm) of every other month, an afternoon is spent treating and ministering to the homeless population of downtown LA at an outdoor clinic at the parking lot of the Union Rescue Mission.  All healthcare professionals and anyone with a heart for God and serving are needed.  This takes place in lieu of our weekly small group meeting.  (

4) Annual HPM Short-Term Medical Missions trips:

Every year, 1 or 2 teams from HPM composed of about 7-12 members will travel to a country abroad to serve for about 7-10 days (working with long-term missionaries).  In the past we have gone to Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Peru, Ethiopia, Haiti, India.  Recently, this has taken place in the fall and sometimes in the summer.

5) HPM - Medical Conferences:

HPM partners and collaborates with other organizations and churches in and around Southern California (  For 2014, HPM partnered with the national medical missions conference hosted by KAMHC ( which was held at Young Nak Church in L.A. on June 20-21, 2014.  We will be partnering with GMMA at their student conference on March 21, 2015 at Sarang Church.  The next biennial Kamhc conference will be on June 24-25, 2016.  Location TBD.

6) HPM Fellowship activities:

Ranging from picnics (Memorial Day Picnic), sports outings (eg. baseball games),  Hollywood Bowl, Christmas and Super Bowl parties, sports fellowship with volleyball and softball, basketball, etc.

7) HPM - Couple/Families Ministry Small Groups:

(set up in progress)

8) HPM Student Ministry:

Geared towards pre-health professional college students + professional/grad students (networking/mentorship/fellowship).  We are currently partnering with GMMA (KAMHC) to reach out to pre-healthcare professionals.

9) iHPM - internet based HPM email forum for curbside consulting

iHPM is an online internet forum for healthcare professionals, medical missionaries and long tern missionaries, domestic and abroad, for the purpose of curbsiding healthcare related questions as well as for mutual support and prayer.  This is a great opportunity to serve overseas from the comfort of home.

10) Love TJ ministry:

This ministry has been in operation for over 10 years. Currently Love TJ has been on hold but may resume in the near future future.   Every 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month, a team from Young Nak Church —both KM & EM— spends an entire day (7 AM – 7 PM) in the impoverished rural hillside neighborhoods of Tijuana, serving the poor residents while working with a number of local churches, to provide a holistic ministry in various aspects of basic medical, dental, optometric, accupuncture, chiropractic, pharmacy, nursing, food distribution, hair cutting, children’s ministry , prayer and spiritual needs.

MCM (MyungSung Christian Medical Center & MyungSung Medical College)

The MyungSung Christian Medical Center (MCM), located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was established in 2004 by the MyungSung Presbyterian Church of Korea to provide high quality, compassionate care to the people of Ethiopia and to train Ethiopian medical professionals.  It is a 161-bed general hospital with state-of-art facilities including ICU, NICU, CT scan, and a hemodialysis unit. A new hospital wing will house a cardiac catheterization lab as well as an MRI scan.

MCM has both Ethiopian staffs and expatriate medical & non-medical long-term & short-term volunteers from South Korea, US and Canada. It receives a steady stream of short-term volunteer physicians from US and Korea.

MyungSung Medical College (MMC) was established in 2012 to provide high quality medical education to qualified Ethiopian and other African students who will become future leaders in medicine in Ethiopia. Now in its 3rd year, MMC has 30 students matriculating each year, and it has a 6-year curriculum which includes a 1½ year long rotating internship program at MCM.

MCM, in cooperation with PAACS (the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons) and Soddo Christian Hospital, operate a general surgery residency program. It also hosts neurosurgery residents from Addis Ababa University. MCM is also planning to host residency programs in radiology, internal medicine and family medicine in the near future.

Our aim is not only to provide Ethiopian students and healthcare professionals with excellent medical education and clinical training but also to impart a vision to deliver compassionate care to Ethiopian people with God’s love. This will require many committed long-term and short-term volunteer medical educators and clinicians who will become role models for the national staff and trainees.

MMC welcomes Christian medical instructors for basic science courses as well as for all clinical rotations. MCM also needs more medical and surgical specialists in all disciplines, especially with the opening of the new hospital wing.

Further information can be obtained from the following web sites:

Please send emails to for any inquiries for volunteering.


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